Saturday, 29 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Photos

The third bridge was finally completed! This is a bad photo of me :P 

'Lucky' admitted that he doesn't care that I know he's KK Slider in disguise. After all these years I haven't blabbed. He even asked my advice for improvements to the outfit.

Two residents got in a tiff by the new bridge. I didnt catch wind of what it was about.
Some bloke called Phineas gave me a Fish Maniac badge. He's a creepy old man dressed as a scout who spy's on you witnessing everything you collect just for the purpose of giving you badges. Yeahhh creepy old man alert. Wheres Booker when you need to throw someone out of town?! he's not eating donuts again is he?!
My home now has warmth! It now sports a decent fireplace and a toasty lamp! I also got a new pet Seahorse. 

So close yet so far. I have no slingshot so all I can do is watch these balloons float by, dreaming of the wonders that lie inside those packages. 

Melodune Station is now finally flying the town flag which landed on my desk a few hours prior to this photo. We had to send away for it to be made at the big city and the package took weeks to arrive. lousy mail service.

My third bridge is proving to be quite a meeting spot. Everyone turns up! Its more a meeting spot than the town tree!

Melodune residents have been asking for fresh clean drinking water. I agreed and got the funds together. This is another bad photo of me :P

Building works have finally begun in Main Street for a garden center. Cant wait until it opens!  

Its not everyday you catch a shark! 

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