Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 12, 2006

Hey everyone, my name is Lan. 
I moved to sleepy old Melodune over 2 weeks ago now, and so much stuff has happened! I felt like I needed to blog my daily life. 
So here goes! 
It was kinda sad moving away from mum at 1st, but I soon made a lot of friends. Phyllis at the town hall was the 1st person I met, and she was cranky at the time. But I thought that was her personality, so I was all panicky and sort of sad I left home and stuff. But now I know that’s just what she's like. She is overworked, poor girl. 
During my first conversation with her, She sent me to my house, giving me my map and directing me where to walk. Once arrived I looked around my new home and thought it a bit small. Afterwards I met Tom. He made me work at his store for a bit so I could start paying off some of the mortgage. That was all in day 1 anyway. No time to unpack (not that I had much to unpack).

Day 2 was very relaxed. I don’t know why, but Tom hasn’t called me back to work at all since! If you ever see him, please don’t tell him this, but I have already sold off my uniform. Lol!

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