Thursday, 20 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Gulliver's Travels

I met Gulliver today drunk and passed out on the beach. He was dressed as a seafaring man instead of his space suit which suggested to me he didn't crash his UFO. He woke up around evening shivering and asking where he was. We spoke for a bit and he told me he's sailing to Thailand. Well he was anyway. Not sure where his boat is now, nor why he washed ashore. I have a feeling I would rather not want to know anyway ^_^;
I would have invited him in for soup but then I realised I don't own a house, nor food. Le sigh. However I did pay Tom some of my savings for a roof over my head. It should be built tonight. I'm surprised I didn't catch a cold since being made homeless.

Forgot to mention- I sort of own a bed, lamp and a bookcase with some manga, but they are borrowed from the villagers, including my clothes. I wonder if they will be asking for them back at some point now that i'm actually making money once more?

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