Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for November 16, 2006

I have a lot of stuff to say. 

Since the last post, I have bought presents for every neighbor, bought quite a lot of things for my mansion, and moved furniture around etc. 

I have also bought my 1st turnip, a red one. I should have done this many months ago, as I can easily make 15,000 bells per week without even trying too hard.

I also buried 40,000 bells and made a money tree. But it didn't grow. So I wasted the money. But instead of letting this go, I buried a new money tree, worth 50,000 bells, and that successfully grew. So all in all, this tree will only give me 90,000 bells, which is the same as if I didn't bother with growing money trees in the 1st place. But that's ok, because when I chop it down, and bury a new tree in its place, I'm guaranteed that that tree will grow. So I might bury 30,000 bells into it, and make 70,000 profits. 

After I sent out all those presents to my neighbors, I received presents back. 2 of which were 1 orange, and 1 cherry! I don't have these items in the town, and I thought that the only way to obtain them was to visit other towns. It's great! Best thing is, when I planted them, both trees didn't die on me! Now all I need is an apple and I'm done!

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