Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 07, 2006

A new guy arrived yesterday, next door to Static's house, meaning he hasn't got that much space for a garden. Anyway, he is a yellow duck named Joey. 

On an interesting note, I must have made 40,000 bells today. Must be a new record for 1 day. I think it was 20 in the morning routine, and 20 in the evening. 

In the morning I see if everyone is alive and well, as well as water plants. But mainly I get the money rock and find all the fossils buried around town. Any fossils that have already been added to the museum get sold off at Tom Nooks. 

In the evening I collect all the foreign fruit and coconuts and sell them to Tom. They usually sell at a high rate. 

The only things that were different today were that I found 3 fossils, which is strange as I only usually find 2, and that I sold off all the normal fruit as well as the foreign ones. 

I haven't mentioned that I usually always get to keep the fossils to sell to Nook, as I already have them in the museum. I think there are only 6 more to collect, out of around 40 odd.

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