Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for December 06, 2006

Pelly is still having major arguments with Phyllis. This time, she told her sister off for saying bad things about Pete again. Apparently, she even went as far to say "THIS IS ALL BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO LOVE LIFE ISNT IT!!" 

Caroline hates all this arguing for such a sleepy village. She told me how she hated shouting at Pelly to get on with her job when Pelly was loading her with her problems.

Also, I'm thinking of gardening my town properly. I have already started by swapping for white flowers outside Olivia's house. I thought that it was best to give her a white garden, seeing as her interior décor is all white as well. Man, she is going to look pretty when the snow lays! 

Ah um, yes, anyway, I want to plant my flowers in a colour coordinated style, to say words. I might start by spelling my name! Should be fun.

I want a Nookingtons, and the only way to do that is to invite my friend Alex over, who lives in another town. If he buys something in my Nookway, Tom will rebuild to Nookingtons! Same applies if I go to his Nook store. 

I want to plant my fruit trees in an order as well, so that they are all spaced out around the town equally. But I still need an apple in my town! Luckily, I know Alex has apples. If he gives me a load of apples, I can give him every fruit you can get! He will be so lucky. Obtaining every fruit in just one go! Lol he will have a lot of expensive fruit to sell if we do this. 


I can't believe it, but I paid off my mortgage completely! 
I didn't think I would do it today! But I did! It's all thanks to the plentiful supply of Football Fish, Coi Carp, and Red Snappers!


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