Friday, 6 December 2013

REVIEW: Sonic 1 3D for the 3DS

This port offers the players something quite special, a chance to play the original Sonic game in the same way as it played back in the day. The screen is in letterbox format 4:3 so does not fully fit on the upper screen. This can be manipulated further to look exactly like playing it on old CRT screens too, complete with that blurry effect.

All in all this makes this port of Sonic 1 for the purists; those people that want a trip back in time to the early 90's sitting down playing their Mega Drives.

Well like I said, this game is for the purests, But its also for those that want a few added features thrown in. For one, you have the option of playing with the spin dash. Then you have the level select from the get go. Then you have the option of playing either the Japanese or international versions. Unfortunately the UK fans have been forgotten about, because the slow renditions of the BGM are not included in this game.

But what really, really makes this port shine is the 3D. You are given the option of how you want your 3D to be, either as a window looking out, or popping out at you. I would strongly suggest choosing the 'popping out at you' option, because the depth you end up with is astounding. I'm not kidding you this game in this mode has the most 3D depth Ive seen for a game, or movie for that matter. Its still like looking out a window, only that window starts in FRONT of the upper screen. For this alone its worth the £4 or so.

REVIEW: Oreimo / My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute

I'm going to keep this brief. Anything that promotes blood related brother and sister incest should be made illegal. For most of these 2 anime series I felt like they were just a couple of siblings that had fun together. Then towards the end shit got real. This makes things 10000x worse than say KissXSis where in that show the siblings are NOT blood related. Its wrong. In nature incest breeds disorders in the offspring. Its pretty much impossible to see a brother or sister as a potential mate because of this. This anime and its franchise is quite frankly SICK. Japan I am disgusted in you for allowing this project to get off the ground.