Sunday, 26 May 2013

Shinichiro Watanabe and I

I went to the London MCM Expo yesterday (Sat 25 May 2013) and met the coolest guy from the anime industry, Shinichiro Watanabe. Its no secret that my favourite anime EVER is Samurai Champloo, so to see the director of it for a Q&A panel was fucking awesome, but to then actually meet the guy in person for an autograph and a photo is MINDBLOWING. This dude is my favourite anime director. Of all the people that could possibly have turned up for this London con and they go and get this guy. Holy shit.

me and the legend himself
Signed A4 poster of Kids on the Slope
The photo also lists his other works, including Cowboy Bebop (my #5 favourite anime) and Kids on the Slope (my #17 favourite anime).

Yeah. Yesterday was a good day.

Watch this interview from the con via crunchyroll-

BTW, for those that have never seen my actual face until now, I couldn't look more far removed from my Mugan avatar, could I?

P.S. I went cosplaying as Slenderman. lol.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Stats counter added

I added a stats counter because googles own version isnt very good.

Monday, 13 May 2013

MUSIC: review: Daft Punk- Random Access Memories

My thoughts on the new Daft Punk album as I listened to it for the first time. Its currently streaming for free on itunes 1 week before official release.


1) Give Life Back To Music- FUNKY

2) The Game of Love- slow dance funk.

3) Giorgio by Moroder- Ive had this in my head ever since hearing the leek. Fucking amazing when the beat drops. This will be a single minus the talking intro. BTW this is kinda Tron meets funk. HOLY HELL THE BEAT DROPPED AGAIN! FRIGGIN WOW!

4) Within- piano beginning. Robots singing. This is a slow dance. So far this album needs more of an uplifting feel to it to make it more awesome.

5) Instant Crush- instant uplift. It has that magical feeling that stardust has, but more indie somehow. Kinda Sonic the Hedgehog. The song has a slow beat. this is becoming a trend on the album.

6) Lose Yourself to Dance- slow beat- AGAIN!! AghHHHHHH!!!!! Think Prince. In fact why isnt it Prince singing? seriously?!

7) Touch- takes time getting into the song. Still waiting. spacy and weird. OK the singing has started. boring. OK here we go; the funk dropped. Keep expecting to hear "SHAFT!". OK its gone boring again. And there we go Its back, this section is quite cool. Its gone slow again. Its gone weird and spacy again. Not bad (not instantly great either). This is going to need a few more listen toos me thinks. Ok we need to wave lighters in the air now. crappy ending. erhayaaaaaacgggghhh yuck.

8) Get Lucky- HOLY SHIT THAT INTRO. ooh interesting midsection. WHA WHAT!? That bit was sweet. BUILD UP THAT FAILED IN THE RADIO EDIT. COME ON DONT DISAPPOINT! BAH Ive done this song better. Fuck i was expecting more somehow. FUCK.

9) Beyond- slow. fed up of this non dance album. *yawns*

10) Motherboard- Royksopp? slow again. Seriously this sounds like a Royksopp song. weird watery midsection

11) Fragments of Time- FUNK. still slow. Driving song in the warm breeze. Single quality

12) Doin' it Right- slow but really really cool. Indie flavours. nice and simple song.

13) Contact- uses NASA sound files. This is like their Tron songs again. wow this song has a fast-ish paced beat! too little too late.


This album is like Daft Punk shooting themselves in the foot on purpose (maybe both feet). Its like they didn't want to make a dance album, and are saying screw you to the fans and the industry they helped create. Bah. Stick to Discovery folks. You're wasting your time with this one. Still waiting for another Discovery. They definitely have it in them to do it again, but like I said its like they don't want too. I may not buy this. Needs to grow on me but probably wont. I take it funk isn't suppose to make you dance? Thats the impression I get from this anyway.


Its a mellow album. Easy listening. Sort of like a spiritual sequel to Air's Moon Safari. Its something you don't always choose to listen too in one hit, but when playing on shuffle on your ipod/walkman/phone/whatever and it switches to playing one of these songs unexpectedly it will definitely give you a genuine smile

I don't think I have ever quite experienced such a change of heart for an album as I have for this. Once you get over the fact its not a dance album, MY GOD its a good album.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Viral Video: Unicorn Wizard

This awesome song from Ninja Sex Party has been in my head for a few days.