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REVIEW: Sonic 1 3D for the 3DS

This port offers the players something quite special, a chance to play the original Sonic game in the same way as it played back in the day. The screen is in letterbox format 4:3 so does not fully fit on the upper screen. This can be manipulated further to look exactly like playing it on old CRT screens too, complete with that blurry effect.

All in all this makes this port of Sonic 1 for the purists; those people that want a trip back in time to the early 90's sitting down playing their Mega Drives.

Well like I said, this game is for the purests, But its also for those that want a few added features thrown in. For one, you have the option of playing with the spin dash. Then you have the level select from the get go. Then you have the option of playing either the Japanese or international versions. Unfortunately the UK fans have been forgotten about, because the slow renditions of the BGM are not included in this game.

But what really, really makes this port shine is the 3D. You are given the option of how you want your 3D to be, either as a window looking out, or popping out at you. I would strongly suggest choosing the 'popping out at you' option, because the depth you end up with is astounding. I'm not kidding you this game in this mode has the most 3D depth Ive seen for a game, or movie for that matter. Its still like looking out a window, only that window starts in FRONT of the upper screen. For this alone its worth the £4 or so.

REVIEW: Oreimo / My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute

I'm going to keep this brief. Anything that promotes blood related brother and sister incest should be made illegal. For most of these 2 anime series I felt like they were just a couple of siblings that had fun together. Then towards the end shit got real. This makes things 10000x worse than say KissXSis where in that show the siblings are NOT blood related. Its wrong. In nature incest breeds disorders in the offspring. Its pretty much impossible to see a brother or sister as a potential mate because of this. This anime and its franchise is quite frankly SICK. Japan I am disgusted in you for allowing this project to get off the ground.

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I updated my avatar!

After 9 years I felt it somewhat needed to update my avatar. The original Mugan image was 100x100 pixels taken from a picture which was somewhat small. I endlessly searched for the best quality image and found this-

So now my updated avatar is 300x300 pixels. Nice.

EDIT UPDATE: I should have included the comparisons >.< What an idiot I am.



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Spice and Wolf- novel 9- Town of Strife II


So I said at the end of the last synopsis that Lawrence was thinking of manipulating the Jean Company from another town, but this isn't quite right. At the beginning of this novel its made clear that he's actually quite shaken up from being forced between a rock and a hard place and he just wants to escape with his life intact. The letter Holo reads indicates that Lud Kieman is forcing Lawrence to obey the Rowan Trade Guild when the time comes, in other words acting on the front lines as a disposable pawn. Going against his guild would be disastrous too- almost certain treason and punishment by death- probably.

Lawrence cannot pick a side to be with, and so wants out by running away. He asks Holo and Col to pack their things and run away right here and right now, but they dont budge. In fact they are both kinda relaxed about things.

Col chimes in and says that if the towns' balance of power lies with the Narwhal, then surly it would be easy for Holo to eat it in her wolf form. Lawrence, still shaken up, decides that he will rely on Holo to get him out of this jam.

As a recap the South side of Kerube captured a fishing boat belonging to the North side. The fishing boat held a priceless rare Narwhal. The North is poor, the South is rich. The North could use the Narwhal to pay their debts to the South and gain overall power of both sides of the town. Eve has been put in charge of returning the Narwhal to the North again from a bloke who is not doing this for loyalty to the North, but rather for his own profit. Eve is likely to betray anyone so as to come out on top.

Lawrence, Holo and Col play the waiting game. If they play their cards right they could come out on top, however they have no information to work with. Lawrence notices Col attempting to sew his frayed coat together using twine from his belt. Lawrence takes the boy to a local clothing store and buys some proper twine for him. They play a bartering game with the salesman, a boy in training who attempts to sell their most expense twine.

That evening in their room, Holo makes Col drunk and he falls asleep by a bed. Holo and Lawrence drink more wine at the table while eating beans. Their bantering reveals that as a young wolf, she once chased after a Narwhal rumor in a very ungainly and unwise manner. They hold each others fingers on the table as a way of staying close. She says that Col is a constant reminder to her that she is and should act like a wise wolf. This implies that she thinks of herself as a normal woman around Lawrence. They embrace by the windowsill with Lawrence wrapping his arms around her whilst she sits on his lap. Their banter comes to an end when she hears Ted Reynolds approaching from outside. Lawrence tells her to get into bed and pretend to be asleep.

Reynolds comes into their room and Holo pretends to sleep. Lawrence and Reynolds chat at the table and it seems that he is fretting at being left in the dark by Eve.

The next morning Lud Kieman drops them a visit at their room during breakfast. They are forced to be taken to the South side of town- What Lawrence considers to be enemy territory.

Lud makes them stay at the most expensive inn they have ever stayed in- for free. Col even notes that the bed is made with cotton. Holo teases the boys into working out Luds true intentions and eventually they work out that they are there not only to be kept an eye on, but to be used somehow which will profit Lud greatly- in a way that would pay back their lodging expenses.

They decide to play it cool and somehow make out that they are not in enemy territory. They take a walk to the church where the Narwhal is being held captive in a large basin by a huge stain glass window. Holo likes the idea of jumping though it in her wolf form for if they need to take the Narwhal by force, but Lawrence tells her that the glass is supporting the roof and if she did that, the roof would instantly collapse. BTW because of the large crowd at the entrance to the church, they were only allowed to enter by using Lud Kiemans name to the guards.

Lud appears to the group during their dinner at their room later that evening. He escorts Lawrence to a private room in which he instructs him to act as a messenger between himself and Eve. Originally, Ted Reynolds was going to be forced to act as a messenger but Lawrence proved the better man for the job because as an outsider, he was more likely to abandon and betray both sides if things were to turn ugly (unlike Reynolds who would more likely turn to Eve for support).

Lud tells Lawrence to go to Eve and report to her the condition of the Narwhal, the price for it, the method of delivery, and the time and contingencies for escape. If things go well Lawrence would come out with a lot of profit, but he now finds himself in a similar situation Norah the shepherdess was in, that being that what would happen if things go wrong?

At the end of the conversation Lud asks him how he managed to regain his composure. Lawrence smiles and realises he is being emotionally supported by his woman.

The day of negotiations arrives. The whole town is making a big deal out of it and the main dealings go ahead at the delta. Lawrence's task is to be one of the few messengers from behind the scenes. Messages from Lud are given to a bloke who passes them to Lawrence who passes them on to Eve. Lawrence's task is to take the written messages to Eve's location, wait for her reply, then take that message to an inn to pass to Luds messenger. This process of to-ing and fro-ing with Luds messages and Eves replies goes on for a while. Lawrence becomes more stressed out with each trip he makes.

In the end Eve's final reply is for herself and Lawrence to board a boat carrying the Narwhal during the exchange of hands. The Southerners do what they like with it and will pay the North for not interfering.

Back on the South side everything seemed to be going well, but not for long. Lawrence notices Eve standing there and rushes over to help, she is on the verge of collapse and is grasping a letter.

Lud and his cronies comes over and takes her away. Lawrence staggers into an ally and vomits because of how terrified is at getting away with his life intact.

Holo turns up. They regroup with Col at the church and use Luds name once more to gain entry. Holo is not present for when they talk directly with Lud. Lawrence tells him that she is currently trying to ruin his plans by having her send an incriminating letter to whomever. Lud lets them visit Eve for a bit in a cellar where she is being held. She is going to be killed very soon by Luds men.

Lawrence and Col leave and visit a blacksmith. They get spotted and chased. Holo meets up with them and they escape together.

They mull things over and Lawrence realises that Reynolds does have the money to buy the Narwhal after all, and its not a scam. He made his money on the copper coin distribution thing.

Holo and Col let Lawrence run to the church alone in order to stop Eve from being murdered by Lud. He gets there just in time and explains to them what he's realised. Eve is let go and so they come up with a plan.

Next scene Reynolds is in the church with his gold coins about to buy the Narwhal. Lawrence tells him that his scheme is not going to work and starts to recite all of his misdeeds about his copper coin plan.

Reynolds, distraught, tells him that he will pay him whatever it costs in hush money, but Lawrence walks away and lets Lud and Eve take over.

In the end, Lawrence never finds out what deal broke out between Reynolds, Lud and Eve. Lud and Eve got the profit they deserved and hopefully repaired their working relationship. Reynolds ended up buying the Narwhal, and most probably didnt make any money on the deal. The town probably ends up with things much like they were before.

The next day the three protagonists are eating an expensive lunch in their room, ordered no doubt by Lud for a job well done. Lawrence answers a knock on the door. Its Eve. She tells him everything she knows about the wolf bones that she forced out of Reynolds. Apparently their next destination in pursuit of them would be to travel overseas to The Kingdom of Winfiel, Eves homeland. She tells him to use her real name once there in order for his business to run more smoothly because her real name still has weight in it. She thanks Lawrence for saving her life and tells him that she and Arold will continue their travels south along with her firs.

Just after she leaves, Col appears in the hallway with his plate of food. He looks a bit dejected and tells him that he was sent out by Holo. Lawrence watches Col leave down the hallway and reenters the room. Lawrence then recites as a third person quote- "I dont want to remember what happened next".


Yen Press was gracious enough to include a short synopsis at the beginning of the book, as well as a map of the world which is really really helpful. Oddly enough the beginning of the book started with an intermission which then led to chapter 4?? This is strange. I have never come across a novel that is split into 2 volumes like this. Seriously why was this book split in half like this? It makes no sense. I understand that Yen Press is only emulating how it was released in Japan, but even so I still find it weird.

Thinking about it maybe this is why this range of novels is marketed in Japan as something called 'Light Novels'. Maybe each volume has to be capped at a certain page count? Makes no sense for western markets but hey ho.

Town of Strife: my review for the complete story-

Holo and Lawrence in this story are an inseparable couple madly in love with one another. She challenges him to act as a real man, to be more of a protagonist and not a sideline character that he thinks himself to be. She purposely takes a back seat to see how well he does under pressure. Sure, Lawrence just about handles the difficult situation he gets himself in, despite nearly hitting breaking point at times, but the conclusion to it all is that Holo becomes completely satisfied. He passes her test with flying colours and so she boots out cock block Col and treats Lawrence to something we fans have been longing for all this time- their first time in bed.

But you know what, if it wasnt for the payoff, these two novels would have come across as long winded, boring and confusing. Seriously the story was utterly boring.

If it wasnt for the payoff this book would have gotten a 4-10, but because everything clicked into place and for the payoff to be SO DAMN HUGE this novel gets the best rating it can get: 10-10. I don't care less for the longwinded boring-ness of it all, HOLO AND LAWRENCE JUST HAD SEX!

I think the quote "I dont want to remember what happened next" implies that Holo jumped him as soon as he entered the room. I can just imagine a reserved Lawrence having to contend with a horny female wolf who absolutely refuses to hold back. ROFLOL.

These two novels were crap. Long winded, boring, confusing and crap. Seriously the story was utterly boring. Cock block Col / or 'third wheel' Col has destroyed the series. No, the author has done that. He has intentionally stunted the relationship which now feels unrealistic.

As for the ending, either its piss poor translation work or the author cannot convey the story in his head, to the story on paper. Seriously i have no idea what happened.

This whole mess of a 2 part story gets 4-10.

I'm now disinterested in the series entirely.

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MUSIC REVIEW: Helen Love- Day-Glo Dreams

The latest album from Helen Love callled 'Day-Glo Dreams' absolutely sucks. SUCKS! ITS SHIT!

Its like an album that was purely created in Garageband and completely rushed together. The non-rhyming lyrics suck so BAD that I end up cringing whilst facepalming.

All the songs suck. Not one of them is decent.

This band is supposed to be one of the most colourful sounding bands out there. Everything they make is like an audio orgasm; they are that good. However this album is shit. pure shit. do not touch.

Even the artwork looks basic and black and white.

Oh and there is no volume number assigned to it, meaning it makes it difficult for me to organise correctly on my MP3 player, and there is NO WAY im adding it to volume 3. Those songs are sacred.

They should be ashamed of themselves for releasing such utter garbage.

What the fuck happened to what was suppose to be their next album; "Stick it" ?????? I want that album, not this crap. Even the song which was posted to their myspace page that was suppose to be from that album sounded amasing.
Unfortunately I cant remember what it was called. I NEED THAT ALBUM.

I mean just listen to this shit- Be warned its really really bad-

Compare that to their last single Calm Down Dad (volume 3 issue 6) from 2009-

EDIT a few days later-
This album is crap. Ive heard it a few times thinking that i'll give it a chance. Some of the keyboard 'sounds' stick in your head and its doing my nut. The stupidly catchy eightiesness of the songs are dancing about in my head like an annoying bratty 5 year old child throwing his toys everywhere and streaming blue murder. I NEED other songs in my head. Anything other than this drivel. Its an evil album thats just there to be annoying. I need reminding that Helen Love is a decent pop group so I listen to a few songs from volume 2, but even after that i still hear syth drums in my head like a kids mashing all the drum keys on his Yamaha he got for his birthday. Fuck me I hate this album. I might even delete it its so evil. So annoying. So yeah ive given it a chance. Fuck it. 0-10. Not even 1 for trying.

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MUSIC: Pogo- Wishery Live Mix [Lans Extended Mix]

The other day Nick Bertke AKA Pogo uploaded a new video to YouTube. The song was so good but too short so I spent 5 hours extending it. Give it a listen-

The original video is this-

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Viral Video: Rémi Gaillard- Naked Elevator

Heres another one of Remi's elevator skits! Im sure thats the same woman he keeps pranking...

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REVIEW: Oh My Goddess! First End


Skuld is recalled to heaven to sort out an escalating bug problem. Megumi calls in to the Morrisato residence with a flat tire on her bike to ask K1 for a lift to the campus with the aerodynamics class. They set off in K1's bike with sidecar. K1 is distracted along the way by seeing the celestial bugs running across the road. He swerves to avoid an oncoming truck and dies, protecting Megumi of whom suffers little injury.

The bug problem in heaven worsens to the point that everyone has to evacuate through the gate to the Morrisato residence. We 'learn' that heaven is a time frame out of line with earth, and that they are ahead by a few days. The bug problem and demise of yggdrassel was caused by K1's death, who turns out to have had some anomaly within him similar to the OVA episode. yup thats right, K1s death was caused by, um, K1's death *claps sarcastically*

Belldandy is distraught by her beloved's death, and one by one the gods and goddesses faze out of existence.
Skuld uses her bug catching machine to somehow create a vaccine which is to be sent back to heaven after Urd establishes a connection.

In the new universe Belldandy decides to not be closer to K1 by deciding not to attend NIT. They win tickets to an island vacation. They visit a tall tree during this vacation. Belldandy talks to it; its dying.

Later on in the year Tamiya and Otaki create an event to try and shoot down a ghost on the school roof that turns up every now and then. Belldandy, who is not attending NIT in this universe, has become like a local legend among students and now they get to see her by being treated from their wounds when shot down by Urd, Skuld and K1. The prize of shooting the ghost is 1 million yen, which Den and Dai dont have, hence why they need the help to shoot down the attendees. The ghost shows up and attacks K1. A week passes and Urd tries to figure out what it was from up in heaven, thinking it was of demonic origin.

In a nutshell because I don't want to write anything more about this, K1 spends all his time saving up for a ring for Belldandy for christmas. Urd doesn't arrive back. There is a massive Christmas party at the Morrisato residence with the motor club guys. K1 and Bell exchange presents later that evening. His present to her is the ring.

K1 gets trapped in snow making Belldandy think things are going wrong again. This is later confirmed with the arrival of Megumi with a flat tire, making Bell think that fate is trying to make that fateful day repeat itself wayyy earlier then scheduled. Skulds past memories are reclaimed and she helps out. Urd turns up at Nekomi tech and creates a spell that opens up a connection with hell, but destroys the Nekomi Tech dorms.

Hild turns up and explains that the universe reset was only half completed. They should have dealt with resetting Nidhogg as well as Yggdrasil, as now there are 2 different versions of each or something. She takes Belldandy to another dimension for a bit where K1 has another girlfriend because Belldandy never existed there.

With help from Hild, they do a massive reset to Yggdrasil as well as Nidhogg this time and everything starts out the same, apart from this time Belldandy gets to Keep K1's ring which survived the reset thanks to Skuld. The end.


The worst thing about this book is that its not canon. It means that I couldn't care less about it, which means my attention span wasn't going to be all there from the get go. I'm not saying its a bad book. Its a very good book. It has some really really good moments which is completely in tune with the overall feel for the OMG universe.

But who in their right mind would spend money on fan fiction? Apparently me, because thats exactly what this is, and exactly what I have purchased. *facepalms*

So what if its written by Urds Japanese VA?
So what if some of the pictures are drawn by Fujishima himself?
So what if its printed and presented by Dark Horse?


I guess buy it cheap on eBay and judge it for yourself. You'll find my copy there very soon.

Overall 6-10. Average. Doubt I will ever read it again.

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The Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya- novel 9


Set in April.

A few days have passed into the new school year. The SOS Brigade members have all graduated up a year, with Kyon and Haruhi's class 2-5 being surprisingly largely unchanged.

Its after school and Kyon and Koizumi are walking to the school courtyard. When they arrive its full of club stalls trying to attract new members. The computer club are nearby showing off some new fortune telling software they have created. The boys join up with Yuki who is sitting reading alone at a stall marked 'Literature Club'. Soon the student council president and Emiri Kimidori turn up demanding to see Haruhi so that she doesn't get up to trouble by also attempting to attract new members to her illegal club brigade. Kyon realises that the only strange entity yet to join the brigade is a slider, and wonders whether that inevitable person is among the freshmen.

Haruhi turns up with a cardboard box and Mikuru in tow. They are both dressed for the occasion, with Haruhi donning a Chinese dress and Mikuru in her maid costume.

Haruhi and the student council president have a go at each other. He tries to ensure that she wont try to recruit new students into the illegal SOS Brigade. He asks her whats in the box, and she brings out Literature club signs, apparently to help Yuki out. However when the president leaves they peel away at the coverings of these signs to reveal SOS Brigade lettering underneath.

Haruhi pulls out an LCD display and a DVD player from the cardboard box and asks Kyon to go find a power socket. Kyon asks over at the computer club stall and they give the go ahead. The computer club president says he's looking at retiring and wants to ask Yuki if she would step in his place instead. He says that she has come over a few times and has blown them away with her computer skills. Apparently she's done things like replace Windows XP with something better written which is still compatible with every piece of software.

The LCD display is hooked up and Haruhi jams in a DVD. Its explained that over spring break the SOS Brigade filmed a trailer for their latest film project- The Revenge of Yuki Nagato Episode 00. Apparently Haruhi got the idea after being annoyed with how many lame American blockbusters start out as an awesome trailer. So her idea was to make an awesome trailer that ends up as an equally awesome movie- to be shown at the school festival later on that year.

When Haruhi takes Mikuru away to flaunt their attire around the school grounds, Koizumi warns Kyon that ever since the last day of spring break, he has been kept up most nights with closed space duty, in which until now hasn't been an issue for about a year. Kyon says that Haruhi hasn't been board enough to make celestials cause havoc in closed space. Koizumi agrees, but then he says that something significant happened on that last day of spring break.

Kyon and Sasaki in middle school
Kyon recalls his memories and realises that the last day of spring break was when the SOS Brigade set off to a flee market. Just before meeting up with the others that morning when parking his bike at the station he bumped into an old middle school classmate named Sasaki. She then introduces herself to the others as one of Kyons 'closest friends' before leaving to catch a train. Koizumi jokes with Kyon saying that Haruhi may have gotten jealous of Sasaki for their time together during their final year of middle school, though Kyon only ever thought of her as a friend. They became friends when they were forced into the same cram school.
Koizumi explains that the celestials are more aloof now, standing around like they dont know what to do. He thinks it could emphasise Haruhi's shock at realising Kyon had a social life in his third year of middle school, and with a girl no less.
Haruhi comes back with Mikuru without having wooed any freshman to joining their 'club'.

The only interesting thing that happens next is Tsuruya coming into the club room to invite everyone to a blossom viewing party sometime during the upcoming golden week.

The following Saturday Kyon is supposed to meet with the others for another round of phenomena hunting around the city. Kyon wakes up early for a change and sets out to the train station meeting point. For once, none of the other members have arrived yet. However Sasaki is there, along with a few others that makes Kyon fret quite considerably. Standing there with Sasaki is members of the Mikuru
Kyoko Tachibana, Kuyoh Suoh and Sasaki
kidnapping group from February. Sasaki introduces Kyon to one Kyoko Tachibana, the ginger haired smiley girl of whom he previously thought of as the leader of the kidnapping group.
Sasaki then introduces Kyon to a girl he had never noticed until now, a small black haired girl dressed in a black uniform with hair coming out and down from all sides. She introduces herself as Kuyoh Suoh, but does so with such poorly spoken delivery that Kyon suspects her to be like an even worse emotionless version of Nagato.
They make small talk whilst Kyon tries his best to be as defensive as possible. He asks them where the time travelling bastard is, they say he's around but didnt want to be involved in the meeting.

Soon the whole SOS Brigade turns up. Haruhi and Sasaki make small talk whilst Nagato and Kuyoh stare at one another. Kyon notices Nagato's rage building up inside her. The same could also be said of Koizumi when staring at Kyokos sickly smile. Mikuru offers a handkerchief to Kyon asking if he's alright.
Sasaki says they should leave now, and Kyon makes her promise not to turn up at the local cafe.

At the cafe Haruhi states that everyone should pay for themselves owing to how nobody arrived late. Kyon looks at her like shes calling BS again.
Haruhi says that they will all stick together during their latest city scout for aliens and anything else weird or out of place, and so thats just what they do. Kyon is mentally prepared to bump into  Sasaki's group at any time, but they never do.

That night Kyon's bath time is interrupted by a phone call from a girl, and without any warning the world is somehow split into two different dimensions.

A strange girls voice reaches Kyons ear. He has no recollection of who she may be, and she only phones to tell her "upperclassman" (implying shes younger than him) that she wanted to hear his voice, and that she may be needing his assistance in the future. She then hangs up before Kyon can even get to ask who she is.

After his bath, Kyon decides to phone Koizumi to ask of his impressions of Sasaki and co, concluding that they are not posing as a threat, for now.

Sasaki's voice reaches Kyon ear. She asks him to meet at the train station tomorrow morning for a peaceful chat to hear about their side of the argument. Kyon agrees only so that he can argue with them some more without the others around, though he has no ill will for Sasaki herself.

After his bath Kyon phones Koizumi for advice. Koizumi says that Kyoko Tachibana is more of a regular human than those from The Agency, but of which have knowledge of Haruhis ability. Her band of people are similar to The Agency but have a different take of what they believe. He then says that she is the type of person who was probably against the idea of kidnapping Mikuru.

Next Kyon phones Nagato and asks her for advice. She says during their short meeting she didn't communicate much with Kuyoh Suoh and found her incomprehensible. She then says that a meeting with them would presently be OK and that at the moment they pose as a low level risk.

The next day, Sunday. Kyon takes it easy and relaxes at home.

The next day, Sunday. Kyon wakes up earlier than his sister for the second day in a row. He leaves the house despite the rain and meets with Sasaki and co at the SOS Brigades usual meeting spot.

Sasaki, Kyoko Tachibana and Kuyoh Suoh are all present, all with umbrellas. Kyon asks where the time traveller guy is and they say he couldn't see the point in waiting out in the rain. They make their way to the usual SOS brigade cafe and join the time traveller jerk sitting at the usual table.
Before talks get underway, Kyon asks the name of the guy. He says names are not important but eventually refers to himself as 'Fujiwara'.

Kyoko explains to Kyon that 4 years ago she found herself with the knowledge that a young girl she had never even met before was an entity that could be considered a god. Soon enough she found other people that shared the same knowledge and eventually together they found the girl in question: Sasaki.

Kyon nearly spits his drink out of his mouth but lets Kyoko continue. She explains that her faction then found a group of other espers called 'The Agency' that firmly believed that the girl with god like powers was Haruhi Suzumiya. After much talks, the two groups could never convince the other and so communication disintegrated completely.

Kyoko goes on to say that she feels that Sasaki was the girl that was truly intended to have the god like powers, and not Haruhi.

She somehow managed to band together with a time traveller and a humanoid interface and made their presence known to the SOS Brigade by kidnapping Mikuru before confronting Sasaki and telling her that she's something that could be considered a goddess. 

Kyon isn't convinced. Sasaki is uninterested in the conversation of her being considered anything special. Kyon asks Fujiwara about what he thinks and he says that it doesn't matter to him who the supreme being is. Kyon then asks Kuyoh but she's non responsive. In fact its almost like she's not really there at all.

Kyoko gets frustrated and invites Kyon to hold hands. He is then asked to close his eyes. When she tells him to open them Kyon looks around. They are both still at the table but the others are gone. In fact nobody else is in the room. Kyon walks about and realises that she has taken him to closed space. They walk around outside. The rain has stopped and there isnt a sound to be heard. Kyon realises two things, the celestials are nowhere to be seen, and the colour of the world is mostly white, not blue grey monotone like he's seen before.

Kyoko says that this closed space is created by Sasaki, and that its brighter white shades and the fact there have never been any celestials here mean that she's happy with the world just the way it is, both consciously and unconsciously. She argues that because of this, it makes her the rightful owner of the power.

Kyoko gives Kyon some time to think it over. They return to their seats in the cafe and she brings them back to the real world.

Emiri Kimidori saving the day?
Just as Kyon is about to give his verdict on whether he will help them, Emiri Kimidori interrupts posing as a waitress. Sensing what she really is, Kuyoh grabs her arm and seems unsure as to what to do next. Kyon wonders why Emiri is working as a waitress and concludes that she may have always been working here. If Kuyoh can mask her presence then maybe Emiri and even Yuki can too.

Emiri plays the part of an average high school girl beautifully, and Kyon does nothing to give away her true identity. In the end Kuyoh lets go of Emiris arm and walks out. Sensing that its time to end the session here, Kyoko calls it a day, leaving Sasaki and Fujiwara at the table.

The next day, Monday.

Kyon decides to eat his lunch with Yuki in the club room. He uses this opportunity to ask her about Kuyoh. She says Kuyoh is from a different faction than the Data Overmind called the Heavenly Canopy Dominion, the same faction that trapped them in a mansion at new years.

After school Haruhi gets worried about Kyons grades. She's bothered about what Sasaki said about how she wouldn't be surprised if Kyon ended up in cram school again. So Haruhi takes this opportunity to go over Kyons notes.
Its getting quite late by the time they head on over to the club room. Mikuru escorts them inside to find that roughly 10 freshman want to join the brigade.

The next day, Monday.

Kyon and Haruhi fall asleep in class. Kyon dreams of a past event in middle school with Sasaki. After waking up Sasaki is brought up in conversation with Taniguchi and Kunikida, but nothing important enough to talk of here.

After school Haruhi gives Kyon her bag and tells him to meet her at the club room. She then briskly walks off somewhere. Kyon is the first to arrive at the club room. Even Yuki isn't there...

Haruhi arrives and the first thing she does is chuck everyone out of the clubroom so that she can dress Mikuru.

Kyon takes a head count of 11 freshmen. After they are allowed back inside Haruhi sends him to collect more folding chairs from other classrooms. Once thats done there is still one new student without a chair. He realises that there were 12 freshman, not 11.

After fussing over making tea for everyone, Haruhi asks if anyone has any questions. A boy tells them that when he was in middle school, rumour had it that somewhere in the city there existed a legendary rebellious club that did their own thing, and that he never expected to end up in that school. He then asks Haruhi what the club does. She lifts him out of his seat and chucks him out into the hallway. Apparently her screening process was fully underway. She tells the others that the club is not a place just for gawkers, presumably ones that would like to stare at Mikuru.

mysterious freshman girl
Haruhi tells the prospective new members about all their adventures thus far. Well obviously not everything that Kyon, Mikuru, Koizumi or Nagato would know anything about anyway.
During her speech, Kyon notices one girl in particular that seems to be caught up in Haruhis stories. Afterwards she's also the one who initiated clapping once Haruhi was done talking.

Haruhi tells the freshmen to leave. Once they are gone, Kyon tells Haruhi that he expects she has scared most of them off from ever showing up again.

After a short while Mikuru turns up. Kyon brings up Fujiwara in conversation as well as other possible time travelers. She says that she doesn't know of their intentions as she wasnt told. However she doesn't think its anything bad.
Mikuru is physically able to talk about things that were once classified. It becomes obvious that anything classified would render her unable to physically communicate anything about it. However, right now she is able to talk and she mentions the TPDD by name (Time Plane Destroid Device) and that it leaves traces in the timeline. She continues to say that the device makes users cross the surface of the time plane, but is rendered unable to continue her sentence meaning that whatever she was going to say would have been classified.

Kyon wonders that soon Asahina will start to physically mature which will signify her departure. He feels sad for Haruhi loosing a friend when that day finally arrives.

Kyon waits in the hall as Asahina gets changed. Haruhi and Koizumi turn up. Kyon wonders if they have been conspiring against him, but she says they only just met in the hallways on their way up. We later find out that Haruhi's detour to the club room took her to the school notice board so she could put up an application notice for new members to the brigade; freshmen invitations only.
Haruhi then says that she's had a sleepless night coming up with a questionnaire sheet for applicants. She starts up the computer and continues with the questionnaire document.

Kyon and Haruhi in unison ask where Nagato is. Haruhi checks the computer club in case she's there but she's not. She then phones her. Yuki is at home sick in bed. Nobody told them anything about this.
Haruhi then decides that they should pack up and go visit. Out in the hall waiting for Haruhi to finish undressing Mikuru, Kyon and Koizumi discuses that Yuki cannot get sick unless she's being attacked from the Heavenly Canopy Dominion AKA Kuyoh Suoh, just like last time in the winter mansion. They both look at each other and realise that war has started against the SOS brigade, with attack efforts concentrating on the brigades strongest member...


8-10. OK so before diving into the storyline here, I would like to point out that White Day was missed out. Heres hoping for a short story covering it at some point.

Apparently there was a baseball tournament around the time they needed to sort out Sakanaka's dog just before spring break. Its not implied whether the SOS Brigade were involved or not.

This book is somewhat strange. Its not a bad story but weird stuff is going on, preparing us for the finale.

Personally I find the β universe more interesting than the α. Though I guess that strange girl from α intrigues me. Us readers have been waiting for a slider to appear, so naturally I take it she jumped from another universe to α at the exact moment 11 other freshmen were being allowed to reenter the clubroom. Though this is just a guess at the moment. It would be interesting if she was a slider cum time traveller from β universe to force events to change for the better. Now that would be intriguing (If I'm right or wrong do not say so in the comments. Spoilers are spoilers, one way or another).

Up next: The Surprise.

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Hiatus

Heres what Shampoodles now looks like.

I grabbed the silver slingshot today!

I also got the dream suite and explored a dream town called Nintendo that had Static in it!

I woke up and decided that enough was enough. I have made the town look great but i miss my friends. I packed my bags and am about to go on an epic quest to bring everyone home! This blog post was the last thing to do until I leave town. I left all town hall duties to Isabell my PA.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Shampoodles


Shampoodles is finally re-open! As mayor I tried my hardest to convince Harriet the hair dresser to come back to town, and so she did! She is now based above the Able Sisters.

Thank god. Earlier this year before she left I let Peanut cut my hair, but she went crazy with it and used hair dye to change it to brown, which was permanent. Somehow the dye she used was DNA restructuring and so the brown never changed back to ginger. By this point Nookingtons was already demolished and Harriet was already out of town, so I couldn't very well get her to sort it out. 

Anyway my hair is finally back to normal now so YAY! Peanut, you are forgiven.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Publication Mess of Haruhi Suzumiya: Random Numbers


Random Numbers- a short story written by Nagaru Tanigawa included in Kadokawa's tenth anniversary Haruhi artbook.

Set on January 3rd.

During the return journey home from the snowy mountain, Haruhi and Tsuruya spend literally no time at all preparing for the SOS Brigades official new years shrine visit, to take place the very next day.

Kyon and Koizumi are set slightly behind 3 kimono clad girls. They are all walking to their first shrine visit of the year. Tsuruya, despite having lent the girls her families' Kimono's, cannot join them because she and her family have had to fly to Europe.

Koizumi is pissed that Kyon didn't invite him to go time traveling back to December 18th later on the day before. Koizumi is also pondering about the numbers Seven hundred, seventy five thousand, two hundred and forty nine. Kyon asks him why, in which Koizumi wonders how prime numbers and other statistics would come into it.

Haruhi calls behind to the two boys. They have reached the entrance to the shrine and its packed full of visitors. Eventually the gang get their chances to do the usual Japanese traditions such as offering money, prayer and hitting the shrine bell.

Haruhi eyes up a shrine maiden and wonders whether she can get her hands on the costume for Mikuru. Mikuru also eyes up the girl but Kyon wonders if its because shrine maidens don't exist in her time frame and that she's probably just enthusiastic to see one. However I think that Mikuru is genuinely eying up the outfit lol.

Haruhi and Kyon end up alone together due to how easy it is to loose people in the crowd. The strap on Haruhi's sandal snaps off right in the middle of the bustling street, so Kyon drags her away to the side to help her. Kyon cant help but feel aroused by Haruhi as she supports herself against him for balance whilst hopping on one foot.

Kyon quickly decides to phone Koizumi so as to make a rendezvous, but he only serves to come up with some lame excuse to ensure that Kyon and Haruhi have meet them instead.

Kyon and Haruhi talk it through, though they both feel like they have been trapped in a corner. Eventually she agrees to let Kyon carry her on his back. Only its not as simple as that. Harhui is wearing a kimono which restricts leg movement. Therefore Kyon cannot steady her by grabbing her thighs like one would normally. instead she has to be holstered higher up his back and carried that way, which puts more pressure on his back.

Kyon climbs his way up to meet with others. Its implied that Nagato is assigned in dealing with fixing Haruhi's sandal.

Conversation now turns to why its unfair that the boys didnt get to wear something fancy for the trip. Koizumi mentions that he 'just so happens' to know a tailor store for renting out formal attire. Haruhi then blurts out that she now only needs to know their weight, height and width measurements.  Koizumi takes her to one side out of Kyons ear shot to tell her. Seems like we now know the significance behind the numbers Seven hundred, seventy five thousand, two hundred and forty nine. The question is, does Koizumi know some details about the future and whats expected to happen?

A few days later Kyon receives some photo prints through the mail. The letter is from Koizumi and the photos include a few formal ones of the SOS Brigade posing traditionally with everyone in full garb. Apparently they had just so happen to pass a professional photo shop on their way to their second shrine that day after Kyon and Koizumi got their Yutakas.

Another photo print Koizumi added to the letter was a cell phone quality picture of Kyon carrying Haruhi on his back, with Haruhi burying her face in his back. Awwwww.


8-10. This fan translation said that Kyon time traveled back to December 28th when it was really December 18th, but I'll let this translation error slide.

I'm a bit of a Kyon x Haruhi fan. They would make a cute couple! <3

I loved this short story. It was simple but then it contained another touching moment between the cute couple in the making (I sincerely hope so at least!)

Up next: The Melancholy of Mikuru Asahina.

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: 2 weeks in photos part 7/7

 Tortimer set up a permanent ferry service between Melodune and the island.

 I finally bought the wet suit meaning I can safely swim out to sea!

 I got a water fountain and set out the paths and paving accordingly.

 Tortimer visited Brewsters cafe.

The T&T Mart expanded to Super T&T.

Animal Crossing Blog: 2 weeks in photos part 6/7

 Tortimer came back for a visit for a few days. He wanted me to visit his new home on a tropical island.

 I bought a slingshot! woot!

 I bought a bed. I forgot what comfort was like! Shame its a bit feminine.

Club LOL started KK Slider's tour! It was only a small private gig in which only me and Shrunk only turned up! He officially leaves Melodune on the 19th.

Animal Crossing Blog: 2 weeks in photos part 5/7

 Club LOL is open for business. Ahhhhhh yeahhhhhhh.

Julian is infatuated with a girl crocodile named Alli. The thing is, Alli is really a bloke in drag. Im suprised Julian doesnt realise this. I nearly burst out laughing!!
Alli the drag queen.

Animal Crossing Blog: 2 weeks in photos part 4/7

 Pete is having an affair with Phyllis again. Oh dear. Poor Pelly.

 Brewster came back! We celebrated in style! I wasn't my best due to being stung by bees from landscaping the town.

 Kicks opened up.

 "Lucky" is off again. He told me he's preparing for another KK Slider tour. He's got new material.

I expanded the house and got a Foosball table!

Animal Crossing Blog: 2 weeks in photos part 3/7

 Shrunk turned up saying he was about to open a club. He needed some signatures from the townsfolk to make it happen.

Using the QR codes I was able to pave my town.

Kicks the shoe shop was being built on main street.

 My town tree is getting bigger.

Cyrus woke up and started accusing me of hitting on his wife.

Animal Crossing Blog: 2 weeks in photos part 2/7

 The Able Sisters have a QR Code reader which is handy for sharing patterns and clothing. This is my pro shirt design.

An update photo of my house on the 8th July.

Animal Crossing Blog: 2 weeks in photos part 1/7

HaHA! Bullet Bill! Perfect for keeping intruders out such as Egbert!

 Nooklings Junction up for expansion!

 ...Into a new T&T Mart

...where I was able to buy shoes and socks! YES! No more sore feet!

Toad Hat lol