Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Spice and Wolf- novel 17- Epilogue


This story is told from Enek the dogs perspective of Norah's adventures again.
Finally its spring/summer in the world of Spice and Wolf!! Also, its 5 years later.
Norah is now a priest of a church in the same small town she found herself in before.
A carriage arrives outside. Norah and Enek collect their things and are greeted by Eve. She is now doing business in a country to the south.
Days pass and they enter the town to pick up Diana, the bird god. More travelling happens. They talk about things. Boring inconsequential ramblings.
Elsa and Fran join the carriage.

Lawrence, Holo and Col live in Nyohhira in a place still under construction. Col had been doing his own thing for a few years but eventually came to live with them. Holo had forced Col to write the wedding invitations shop opening invitations to the girls of Lawrence's past. Maybe as a joke but either way Lawrence isn't exactly happy they all got invitations.
They traveled for two years and settled here for 3. Also in that time she's never visited Yoitsu. Probably because she wants to remember it for how it was.
Debau and Hilde are back in power. The coin is getting used but hasn't fully reached its peak usage yet.

They also have a house worker named Hanna. She might not be human either.

One day in town Holo surprises Lawrence. He expected her home but she got lonely because no one was in. They wander around Nyohhira. The hot spring of their house/shop was found by her after two days of being in town. It's in a kinda remote area of the town outskirts. The hot spring itself was in a cave.
Back at home they take a hot spring bath together. Holo likes driving the wildlife away even though she still allows them to use the springs. Lawrence has even seen them help the upkeep of the maintenance of the stone.

Lawrence writes letters to all the guys hes come across during his travels with Holo. He thinks Holo wants them for the grand opening of his establishment.

Lawrence, Holo and gang sort out what food they need for the banquet. Lawrence wants his store open in the spring.
They get the preparations done. The fateful day arrives, everyone is arriving. Luward and the mercenaries bring up a metallic sign naming the new establishment as 'Spice and Wolf'.
Holo kisses him as the guests walk towards them.

The end.

What the actual fuck? No wedding? No baby? Nothing of interest in this story at all! Why?! Oooh they kiss. Pffft big deal....

Travelling Merchant and Gray Knight-
This is a sequel. Lawrence takes Holo to a house in the woods. To Lawrence's old home where he was brought up by his father. His Eccentric dad arrives A random old coot arrives after shooting arrows at what he assumed were intruders. Lawrence dad This geezer is an eccentric hermit who lives in the woods. Holo is written out completely from here on out. This incomprehensible lame story instantly got rather boring. This is just some pointless story of a hermit using an abandoned fort. Why? Why did this author make such a pointless story?! LAWRENCE'S DAD! COMON THAT WOULD BE FAR MORE INTERESTING AT THIS POINT IN THE SERIES! Now i'm bored.

They visit his fort, eat dinner and tries on an old suit of armor. Holo is not mentioned once. Written out even though shes there. Rubbish story.

Next story in this mess of a novel-
Average life of Holo and Lawrences days spent in Nyohhira, arguing and getting over their differences, told from the perspective of Col. Boring.

Next story-
Set during Lawrence and Holo traveling years. They visit a village of people that have never left their township.


This epilogue is pointless. A huge waste of time and money. It could have been awesome. Could have had a wedding, could have had a baby, could have introduced Lawrence's Dad, could have been a story set far far into the future when Lawrence is an old man whilst Holo is still young with a bunch of teenage half wolf children setting out on their adventures. But nope. We didn't get that. The author ran out of rather obvious ideas. Maybe that's why after all these years he's deciding to write more material, because he either needs in income or has an interesting idea for a possible volume 18. Whatever. See you again, I guess.

I unfortunately rate this novel 3-10.