Thursday, 6 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 12, 2006

My friends are all great fun. 
I really fancy this girl called Olivia. When I first saw the whiteness of her hair, I had to talk to her. She is the best girl in town, that’s for sure. The other day, she nearly left town though, she wanted to move on and see the world, but I begged her to stay, and in the end she agreed not to go anywhere. 
I have to mention her house! It’s decor is as white as her shiny hair, its even won awards at the Happy Room Academy! 
I wrote her a letter when she was thinking of leaving town. I said in it how much she means to me and stuff, its sort of embarrassing, but at least I don’t have to pretend I don’t fancy her when I see her and stuff. 
I really feel sorry for poor old Bunny though, she told me she likes me, A LOT. I had to tell her I don’t feel the same way. She’s taking it fine though. I gave her a pink carpet for a 'no hard feelings' present.
 Unfortunately, I know for a fact that Olivia doesn’t want a boyfriend. She wants to give it time. That’s ok.

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