Monday, 1 July 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Beginning of summer!

The new garden center opened the day before the summer season started! Woohoo just in time!

 Me in a pikmin hat. lol

I bought a sofa! no more sleeping on the futon for me! I probably should spend more money on the house but I would rather get the town sorted out first. Besides I like the cosiness.

 I tried jumping to catch a balloon with my net. Alas it didnt work.

Its official, Pete has a crush on Phyllis despite having had a steady relationship with Pelly. Things could get ugly around here again as this has happened before.

Now that its July, there are cicadas everywhere in town. Its just not summer without them!


  1. You *can* catch balloons without a slingshot, but not at the location from your picture. I'm not sure if the net work, I always did it with a shovel before I got my slingshot.

    The trick is at the top of the cliff that overlooks your beach. Whether the balloon is coming in from the sea, or headed out, when it reaches that cliff it has to change height. There's a point in that change where it's right at you level, just off the cliff. At that point you can swing the shovel and pop the balloon. The present will then drop to the beach below where you can go fetch it.

    1. My god someones reading my AC blog 0____0

      (and shuuuuuu, I know about how its possible to pop balloons with the net at the edge of cliffs. Im sort of telling a story here :p )