Thursday, 13 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 16, 2006

Today was the Big Bug Off Tournament!
We all had to collect as many insects as we could, and whoever got the biggest bug was awarded a trophy! So far nobody has given me one, so I'm assuming some other villager won it. Not that I mind.

Olivia's got a cold, so I kinda had to spend some time looking after her. I had to do the same with Derwin the other week. People seem to get sick very easily in this village.

Peanut looks like she's moving town. She has been one of my best friends here, and now she's going! I've protested as much as I can to her, so hopefully she will see some sense. 

On the Egbert front he's starting to dress like me. Yeah that guy just wont take no for an answer. I think I'm going to have to wear my one-of-a-kind Ryo Ohki shirt tomorrow if this keeps up. 

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