Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for April 01, 2008

Hey people, I was thinking about this blog recently, and I thought it was about time I resurrected it! 
I cant list the events that have happened over the past year and a half, but I will say a few things.

Recently Bunny left my town without me knowing. Usually I find if they are moving and talk them out of it, but in Bunnys case, she up and left Melodune under my nose. Oh well. After that these 2 Eagles moved in one after the other, and even though they are cool in their own way, I feel like Eagles are sort of taking over a bit. Like now it is 2, but soon it will be 3, and then 4!! erghhh

Today came with a shock, some trees turned into blossom tress! Because for such and such a reason, last year I didnt visit my town during the spring, so I didnt know they could turn into blossom trees, so that was a nice shock.

Errr, oh yeah, I forgot to say that my whole town is covered in flowers! Its hard maintenance with their daily watering, and I cant run around a lot in my town (if I did I would kill them), but it sure looks nice, and everyone agrees too.

Not too much to say really for now. The residents in town are myself, the 2 eagle guys, Olivia, Caroline, Static, Benedict, Peanut, and a frog named Frobert. 
Last year I had a robot frog that wouldn't leave town for anything. I managed to throw him out by using some sort of time traveling device I found.

Also, last year my sister Lanili came to stay with me throughout the summer. She left, but still writes to the folks in town, and not me! She might come back some day.

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