Saturday, 29 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Photos

The third bridge was finally completed! This is a bad photo of me :P 

'Lucky' admitted that he doesn't care that I know he's KK Slider in disguise. After all these years I haven't blabbed. He even asked my advice for improvements to the outfit.

Two residents got in a tiff by the new bridge. I didnt catch wind of what it was about.
Some bloke called Phineas gave me a Fish Maniac badge. He's a creepy old man dressed as a scout who spy's on you witnessing everything you collect just for the purpose of giving you badges. Yeahhh creepy old man alert. Wheres Booker when you need to throw someone out of town?! he's not eating donuts again is he?!
My home now has warmth! It now sports a decent fireplace and a toasty lamp! I also got a new pet Seahorse. 

So close yet so far. I have no slingshot so all I can do is watch these balloons float by, dreaming of the wonders that lie inside those packages. 

Melodune Station is now finally flying the town flag which landed on my desk a few hours prior to this photo. We had to send away for it to be made at the big city and the package took weeks to arrive. lousy mail service.

My third bridge is proving to be quite a meeting spot. Everyone turns up! Its more a meeting spot than the town tree!

Melodune residents have been asking for fresh clean drinking water. I agreed and got the funds together. This is another bad photo of me :P

Building works have finally begun in Main Street for a garden center. Cant wait until it opens!  

Its not everyday you catch a shark! 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: All In A Days Work

So I started the day celebrating the completion of the cobblestone bridge. I then discussed with Isabelle (my PA) where to place the collection gyroid for the villages final bridge.

KK Sliders alter-ego "Lucky" turned up again. He thinks I forgot I can see through his disguise. 

Unbelievably, I managed to pay off the funds for the new bridge today. TODAY!?!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Photographs

The cliff behind me in this photograph is the soil spoil that was dumped all over town, and we now live on top of it. In the past this beach used to lead straight up onto land. Peanuts house used to situate somewhere under that tree.

This one is of me fishing. It was a tad cold but I needed the fish to sell. None of the other villagers are contributing to the bridge funds. Its quite frustrating.

I haven't caught one of these in years!

Scoot and I ended up having a competition on who would catch a fish first. I won!

I really need some shoes. My blisters are really bad now and I keep tripping up! My feet hurt so damn much! >_<
I gave myself a break from all that running around and visited the Able sisters. They helped me design and make this awesome jacket. Its even got my name down one of the sleeves!
At the end of the day I managed to complete the funding for the bridge and even managed to pay a fee for insuring that the town becomes profitable. It involves the lazy villagers so they may not take the news lightly.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: I Wonder If Anyone's Rich In Town?

I made my first decision as Mayor today! We are going to build a cobblestone bridge over the river to link the town tree to the Town Hall! Unfortunately getting the funds to do the project may mean having to wait a good while. You never know, one of our residents may be filthy rich and pay for the funds all in one go! Talking of the rich, I decided to sell the Tuck Tuck at Re-Tail for a very tidy sum. So I'm hoping a resident is filthy rich enough to pay for it. I'm selling it for $50,000 Bells!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Summer Solstice

I have a new house over my head! Its no mansion, but its warmer than a tent! The only downside is that the residents asked for all their possessions back. ALL OF THEM. I now have no bed.

I forgot to say yesterday that I also own a fishing rod, shovel and net. These were my second possessions after the loo roll. Anyway never mind about that.

Gulliver made it to Tailand, and sent me a letter with a Tuck Tuck in it. I'm not sure what to do with it for now.

Today is the summer solstice. It stayed bright and sunny all evening! I have proof in these photos. Check out the one with the fireflies! It was really strange to see them against a bright sky!
I dont have any shoes either :(

YAY my new home!

Fireflies against a blue sky!

More Fireflies

The Town Hall celebrated the summer solstice in style!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Gulliver's Travels

I met Gulliver today drunk and passed out on the beach. He was dressed as a seafaring man instead of his space suit which suggested to me he didn't crash his UFO. He woke up around evening shivering and asking where he was. We spoke for a bit and he told me he's sailing to Thailand. Well he was anyway. Not sure where his boat is now, nor why he washed ashore. I have a feeling I would rather not want to know anyway ^_^;
I would have invited him in for soup but then I realised I don't own a house, nor food. Le sigh. However I did pay Tom some of my savings for a roof over my head. It should be built tonight. I'm surprised I didn't catch a cold since being made homeless.

Forgot to mention- I sort of own a bed, lamp and a bookcase with some manga, but they are borrowed from the villagers, including my clothes. I wonder if they will be asking for them back at some point now that i'm actually making money once more?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Turning over a new leaf

On New Years Day our mayor Tortimer sprang a surprise on us. He gathered the villagers and told us that he accepted new plans for a railroad to pass through the village. This was a shock to everyone and it didn't go down well. Some protested due to how they liked Melodunes seclusion. Tortimer then made things worse by saying that the accepted plans meant that soil spoil from the railroad excavation was to be dumped in town!

Anyway, the work soon went underway. I got involved in temporarily diverting the river away from Melodune whilst the spoil was dumped all over town. The re-landscaping plans were wayyyy above Tortimers depth so thats why I got involved. I thought everything was going great. Other villages protested due to the noisy dumper trucks working day in day out- including my dear Olivia. That was a sad sad day. She only said she was going on a short break to get away from it all. She invited me to join her, but by this point I was too heavily involved in the development and landscaping and had to decline. I haven't heard from her since, and that was 3 months ago.

Melodune station

Unbeknownst to all of us, Tortimer couldn't deal with the finances very well, and we were running into HUGE amounts of debt.

The residents were forced out their homes to live in tents on top of the spoil- what would now be the new ground level. The trees were chopped down and saplings planted on the new ground level. The river path was landscaped to flow in a new direction which now avoids the railroad.

What was the top of the eastern wind break is now the new ground height of the entire town. Its quite nice as it reveals beautiful views overlooking the sea which wasn't there before.

Because every building was demolished and rebuilt, most of the commercial buildings were relocated just north of the railroad, apart from the Town hall which was rebuilt to the Southwestern side of town, as well as a new business called 'Re-Tail' which is sorta located near to where Nookingtons was. Talking of Tom Nook he decided to use this opportunity to sell his store to his sons. He then started up a new estate agency.

The new view overlooking the sea.

 It was upon completion of the renovations that the Town Hall had to pay up. Tortimer was so shocked when he realised how much he messed up the finances that he decided to take an early retirement.
It was decided that it became up to the residents to pay up, which nobody wanted to do. They had put up with enough from having to see their homes demolished and being forced into tents for a few nights whilst their new homes were being built on top of the spoil. This was their final straw and so everyone left overnight. Only those with businesses actually in the village itself were exempt from having to pay anything, so they all stayed. I came so very close to up and leaving myself, but then I realised that if I did, Olivia would never be able to find me.

I stayed. With the debt solely placed upon me I sold off all my possessions including my recently rebuild mansion which was taken down brick by brick. I took up Tortimers old position of Mayor and vowed to make this village prosper like it once did.

The newly planted Town Tree to commemorate being back in the black.

Only just recently did people start coming back to live here. Nobody I used to know of course.

So thats the story. I'm writing this on a bit of loo roll in my tent. Its the first thing I bought since the town has come out of debt earlier on today. We celebrated by planting a new tree.

Overall hope is high for the old residents to return. Give them time. Hopefully they will forgive Tortimer and the bureaucracy and return. I have to hand it to old Tortimer, the vision he had for the re-landscaping project was really great and its only now really that I'm starting to appreciate it.

I'm still glad to be a citizen of Melodune, and happy with my decision to stay and help out the best way I could. The job isn't over however. I wont settle until everyone returns, including my beloved.
My tent. I used to live in a mansion. Well technically two. The original was directly underneath where I'm standing in this photograph, the second one was rebuilt here but was taken down to pay off a great chunk of the Villages' debt.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for October 06, 2008

Its the start of Acorn season again, and so I went hunting for some acorns today and noticed a huge money bag!! WOW! 
Apparently, JOJO put it there over a week ago and I didn't notice until today! LOL!! 
Im all geared up for Halloween too. I have a top hat and hockey mask, and Ive bleached my hair white, so with my bone t shirt, I look like a skeleton. well that was the plan, but now I look like a bloody scary mad axeman. The look is complete when i whip out my golden axe. Lol

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 21, 2008

I have Angus the bull living in my town, from Wool rd. This is the 1st animal in my town that has come from another town. Cool hu? Though I dont think Ive played with Tallulah yet (owner of Wool rd), so how he got here I dont know. 

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 07, 2008

I have a kitten called Kate in my town. She wants her mummy and wants to go home after being naughty from following me to Melodune from when I was at Lulville! 

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 06, 2008

Today I caught my last museum donation- the red dragonfly! 
It turns out that I did have all the dinosaur bones after all, it was just the stegosaur's head looked too small to really notice it.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 03, 2008

I quickly visited Clubtown today and collected the Fine painting, making my collection complete! YAY!! 

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 01, 2008

I went to someones town today, and Bunny was there!!! When I went home, there was a letter waiting in the mail box, and it was from bunny! She said she wants to visit my town, which means she wants to come home!!! I miss her soooo much!!! 
The same person whose town I visited, visited mine, and she saw me catch my very last fish, the King Salmon! Now I have the golden rod, which means


Also, because I have collected all the fish, a got praised from Blathers the owl, about how the fish collection is complete. I wondered why I wasnt praised in a similar fashion when I collected all the dinosaur bones way back when, and then I checked them all and realised I still need the stegosaurus head! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for August 30, 2008

Being a BUN member is beyond fun. 
Ive made new friends who I talk to on the forum every day, or in their towns or my town, or Clubtown itself. 
As part of the Clubtown games I have also obtained the most expensive item in the world- the crown. I know! I'm well chuffed for that. 
The club leader has also given me the last of the paintings I need to complete the game. 
The best thing though about it is that its a chatroom with only a select amount of people that you get to know over time. 
I totally recommend BUNS. 
British United Nutters all the way!! 

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for August 26, 2008

I've joined a club called BUNS! (British United Nutters). 
I had the most fun last night and there were 4 of us playing games like cops and robbers and track. Oh, and eat the fruit! 
Good stuff.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for August 18, 2008

Lately, because Ive been sooo board of my village, I have decided to visit many towns!! 
I used to think it was risky but you know what? It isnt! 
There is this website which contains a brilliant system for keeping friend codes safe and impossible to blurt out by accident, and a user ratings system, so before giving them your friend code, you can check to see what their history is, and see if they are genuinely friendly or not. 
Its a great system and I love it to bits! 
and its all here-

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for April 01, 2008

Hey people, I was thinking about this blog recently, and I thought it was about time I resurrected it! 
I cant list the events that have happened over the past year and a half, but I will say a few things.

Recently Bunny left my town without me knowing. Usually I find if they are moving and talk them out of it, but in Bunnys case, she up and left Melodune under my nose. Oh well. After that these 2 Eagles moved in one after the other, and even though they are cool in their own way, I feel like Eagles are sort of taking over a bit. Like now it is 2, but soon it will be 3, and then 4!! erghhh

Today came with a shock, some trees turned into blossom tress! Because for such and such a reason, last year I didnt visit my town during the spring, so I didnt know they could turn into blossom trees, so that was a nice shock.

Errr, oh yeah, I forgot to say that my whole town is covered in flowers! Its hard maintenance with their daily watering, and I cant run around a lot in my town (if I did I would kill them), but it sure looks nice, and everyone agrees too.

Not too much to say really for now. The residents in town are myself, the 2 eagle guys, Olivia, Caroline, Static, Benedict, Peanut, and a frog named Frobert. 
Last year I had a robot frog that wouldn't leave town for anything. I managed to throw him out by using some sort of time traveling device I found.

Also, last year my sister Lanili came to stay with me throughout the summer. She left, but still writes to the folks in town, and not me! She might come back some day.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for December 23, 2006

Blathers is having a hard time coping with moths. He is trying his best to overcome his fear of what he calls "those monsters" but alas, with no hope.. 

Also, I have received news from Alex that Bill from Perdana has been calling me "Meathead", saying "I met a guy called Lan the other day who gave off this weird vibe, but I could beat the meathead in a press up competition!" 
Whilst people like Static in my town have been calling Alex a "Pocket Packer", because Alex holds tons of stuff, even in his letters! Lol

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for December 20, 2006

I have a Nookingtons! 
I got my hair done, which changed its DNA structure to ginger! Cost a lot though. The machine that did it felt funny… 

Also, Tom Nook has 2 kids! They are working upstairs where the furniture is. Nook himself only deals with plants and the 5 outdoor items. He has an easy life now his business is booming...

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for December 18, 2006

Yesterday a guy arrived, at the bottom east side of the town, where Bill used to live. He is called Rould or something like that. He is a penguin. He arrived yesterday. 

Today I went to my friend's Alex's town named Perdana. He also came to my town. I also met up with Bill and Kiki again, who couldn't remember me! T_T 
Bill has his own island as his property! Way cool! 
I also shopped in Perdana's Nookway, and Alex did the same in my towns shop too. Thanks to the fact someone foreign shopped in my Nookway, it will change into Nookingtons the day after tomorrow. It'll shut down for renovations tomorrow. 
Alex took tons of my fruit, which he hasn't got in his town, and I took a load of apples to bring back also. 

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for December 14, 2006

I gave everyone an expensive present again, and was rewarded with an apple. I planted it yesterday, and today the tree has started to grow! So I can officially say that Melodune has every fruit! 

Jay wants to leave. He has some sort of muscle building tournament to attend, and might not ever come back. I say good luck to ya buddy!

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for December 11, 2006

Well today marked a few things- 

Firstly, I have already been forced to save 100,000, basically without even trying! I honestly don't know how I did that so quickly.

Secondly, THE SNOW LAID!! I was able to make a snowman as well, but I was shocked to find him alive as soon as he was finished. He told me off for not getting his proportions correct. LOL! Then later he complained that he didn't have a snowlady to talk too. LOL 

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for December 06, 2006

Pelly is still having major arguments with Phyllis. This time, she told her sister off for saying bad things about Pete again. Apparently, she even went as far to say "THIS IS ALL BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO LOVE LIFE ISNT IT!!" 

Caroline hates all this arguing for such a sleepy village. She told me how she hated shouting at Pelly to get on with her job when Pelly was loading her with her problems.

Also, I'm thinking of gardening my town properly. I have already started by swapping for white flowers outside Olivia's house. I thought that it was best to give her a white garden, seeing as her interior décor is all white as well. Man, she is going to look pretty when the snow lays! 

Ah um, yes, anyway, I want to plant my flowers in a colour coordinated style, to say words. I might start by spelling my name! Should be fun.

I want a Nookingtons, and the only way to do that is to invite my friend Alex over, who lives in another town. If he buys something in my Nookway, Tom will rebuild to Nookingtons! Same applies if I go to his Nook store. 

I want to plant my fruit trees in an order as well, so that they are all spaced out around the town equally. But I still need an apple in my town! Luckily, I know Alex has apples. If he gives me a load of apples, I can give him every fruit you can get! He will be so lucky. Obtaining every fruit in just one go! Lol he will have a lot of expensive fruit to sell if we do this. 


I can't believe it, but I paid off my mortgage completely! 
I didn't think I would do it today! But I did! It's all thanks to the plentiful supply of Football Fish, Coi Carp, and Red Snappers!


Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for November 27, 2006

The ground has been looking distinctly more purple these past few days, and today, we had the 1ST SNOW OF THE SEASON!!!

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for November 24, 2006

Pelly was depressed yesterday, as Phyllis was more upset then usual. It was something to do with the fact that Phyllis was chewing gum to relieve stress. Oh well.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for November 17, 2006

Yesterday I shot down the mail man, well bird. He fly's around town. Once shot down, he was telling me how he does his rounds at 9:00am and 5:00pm, which was interesting as I've never noticed it before. He flue off again after a few more minutes.

I also shot down Gulliver again today, in his UFO. 
After collecting his parts, I was rewarded with a model of the tower of Piza again, which was lame. 

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for November 16, 2006

I have a lot of stuff to say. 

Since the last post, I have bought presents for every neighbor, bought quite a lot of things for my mansion, and moved furniture around etc. 

I have also bought my 1st turnip, a red one. I should have done this many months ago, as I can easily make 15,000 bells per week without even trying too hard.

I also buried 40,000 bells and made a money tree. But it didn't grow. So I wasted the money. But instead of letting this go, I buried a new money tree, worth 50,000 bells, and that successfully grew. So all in all, this tree will only give me 90,000 bells, which is the same as if I didn't bother with growing money trees in the 1st place. But that's ok, because when I chop it down, and bury a new tree in its place, I'm guaranteed that that tree will grow. So I might bury 30,000 bells into it, and make 70,000 profits. 

After I sent out all those presents to my neighbors, I received presents back. 2 of which were 1 orange, and 1 cherry! I don't have these items in the town, and I thought that the only way to obtain them was to visit other towns. It's great! Best thing is, when I planted them, both trees didn't die on me! Now all I need is an apple and I'm done!

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for November 12, 2006

I got my mansion yesterday morning, with a red roof. The new room is at the back, on the ground floor. 
My next task is to complete the interior décor, with the furniture I want. I have already bought some new red sofas, and got a seahorse as a pet.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for November 10, 2006

I've done it! I spent nearly the entire afternoon collecting fish and selling them to Tom Nook, and I paid off my mortgage! 

Also, earlier on, I popped my 16th balloon, meaning I now own the golden slingshot!

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for October 21, 2006

Benedict arrived today. He lives next door to static. He is a rooster.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for October 20, 2006

Lucky left today. Something about the town not having enough fast food services or something. oh well, I guess KK was onto me seeing though that disguise.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for October 09, 2006

I have a new room, with a brown roof! The new room is the east wing.

Also, today starts the Acorn Festival! Cornimer (obviously Totimer in disguise) has placed acorns all over the town, and it's up to us to find them all. We get prizes every 4 or so acorns we find, but if there are any bad ones in my hand, he counts that hand over as void, so all those good ones don't count. 

I think this festival only lasts a week. 

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 27, 2006

Yesterday I completed my fossel collectıon! YAY!!

I also bought a rare painting from crazy Redd today. Cool hu! I guess now's the time to
start collectıng those damn expensive paıntıngs from him.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 22, 2006

2 things happened today-

1, a new guy arrived in town, he claims to a guy named "Lucky", but the joke is, he is completely wrapped up in bandages, and hurts himself a lot. But I recon it's really KK Slider in disguise anyway. Oh, his house is by the east end side of the beach, where Bill was originally.

2, I actually saw someone come out their house! It was Static just after 10 this morning. 

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 14, 2006

It's been thundering and lightening a lot recently. I must admit we do need it, after that really hot summer. It's cleared the air a bit. 

My new house is so damn cool! I moved the 70's wallpaper and carpet back downstairs in the main room, and gave the upstairs room a new blue look. I also moved the snooker table into the left wing room, making this room the new pool room (even if its not pool :p) 

My house now is really spacious! I have bought a new table to match the table I already have, and that will go next to it, creating 1 big table to put my photos on. I also bought a new dice stereo for the pool room. But maybe I will swap it with the retro stereo upstairs. Hummmmm.

Also, the new guy Joey wants to leave town. I'm letting him. No offense to him, but he is kind of bland.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 12, 2006

Wow. I paid off another mortgage today! 
This time, I will get to have a lilac roof, with a left wing! Talk about cool! Now I need to buy some stuff for my very spacious house…

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 10, 2006

I hate La Di Day!!! GAAAAA!!!! It made my town tune change!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo, and what's worse, I can't remember exactly how it was! Now the town hall clock sounds different, and entering buildings sounds different!!!

In other news, I got the golden watering can!!! YES!! 

Apparently Olivia's ex-boyfriend popped round again today. She told him where to stick it and get lost. So he did!, apparently. (I've never seen the guy!).


Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 09, 2006

It's my birthday today, and as soon as I walked out the house, Olivia was there to give me a happy birthday kiss and to give me a birthday cake all the residents helped make together!!

My mail box was full of presents also, which were all crap really (don't tell them!), apart from Olivia's and Bunny's, who could somehow tell that I wanted a blue carpet!! Olivia's is the best, which I just adore! It's exactly what I've been looking for!

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 07, 2006

A new guy arrived yesterday, next door to Static's house, meaning he hasn't got that much space for a garden. Anyway, he is a yellow duck named Joey. 

On an interesting note, I must have made 40,000 bells today. Must be a new record for 1 day. I think it was 20 in the morning routine, and 20 in the evening. 

In the morning I see if everyone is alive and well, as well as water plants. But mainly I get the money rock and find all the fossils buried around town. Any fossils that have already been added to the museum get sold off at Tom Nooks. 

In the evening I collect all the foreign fruit and coconuts and sell them to Tom. They usually sell at a high rate. 

The only things that were different today were that I found 3 fossils, which is strange as I only usually find 2, and that I sold off all the normal fruit as well as the foreign ones. 

I haven't mentioned that I usually always get to keep the fossils to sell to Nook, as I already have them in the museum. I think there are only 6 more to collect, out of around 40 odd.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 05, 2006

Strangely, Gulliver didn't leave this morning, but buggered off sometime yesterday afternoon when I wasn't looking! 

Derwin left today. I really wanted him to leave me a goodbye portrait of himself for me to remember him by, but alas, that was not the case. 
He had to leave, I recon he got everything out of little ol' Meldodune, and felt like it was time to move on. Besides, he sold off ALL of his furniture the other day at the flee market.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 04, 2006

Today I woke up to a new house, with a new colour for the roof- orange!

I rearranged the layout, so the new 2nd floor room is now my music room! It has my 70's style arrangement I had downstairs for ages now, including the retro stereo, and a red chair. Very 70's!

So now I can add more stuff downstairs! I wonder what I will buy?? I do know I want the other totem pole- the bear pole.

Also, I successfully shot down Gulliver's UFO this morning, and he crash landed on the western side of town, near Peanut's house. 
He was very dizzy for a few hours, saying random comments like, "I will be with you in 45 minutes, and 24 seconds", but once he came round, he wanted me to collect his missing parts that were scattered around the town. After I collected them, my reward was a statue of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! 

He also decided to stick around for a bit, before taking off tomorrow morning.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 03, 2006

I gave up on my stupid savings idea, and paid off the next mortgage. Tom said to me this morning "What colour house do you want next?", and I picked orange this time. 

So the next house will give me a second floor! And what was the "save room" on the second floor will now be moved to the 3rd floor.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for September 02, 2006

Today is the flea market, so I bought as many items off my neighbors as possible, planted them in my house, and sold them back at ridiculously high prices. Sneaky, but important if I'm ever going to pay off this mortgage of mine. 

I worked out that my interest payments are crap! 

The whole reason I'm saving is so I can get more money coming in to pay off the mortgage, but now I've realised that at the end of my hard work once saved up completely, I would have only made an amount in interest that I could make in 2 days anyway! 

Stuff it!

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for August 29, 2006

I decided since getting KK's new cool song K.K. Cruisin', that I would change my layout from the 70's look, to the new slick cool version. 

I changed the carpet and the wallpaper, and changed my shirt to a cool black shirt with a red flame on it. Oh, and I got some cool blue shades with a black frame. 

Overall, very cool.

Olivia and I have officially become a couple. I don't know what made her want to commit to a relationship all of a sudden but this has made me the happiest villager in the world!

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for August 25, 2006

A new resident called Jay has turned up, practically on the same spot as Curly was. It looks like I will get a buddy that's into weights and keeping fit again as he seems to have the same personality as Curly which is cool.
He is a bird by the way. 

His style of décor is very much like Olivias, so I recon she will be swooning over him any time now… which is not good.

Also, I got myself a TV and a cool statue of a cat! I got them from crazy Redd on Wednesday. 

Today there is the fortune teller in town again, which in my mind is a big waste of time. 

I also have saved enough money to pay off the rent, but I plan to save save save until I have all the money available to pay off the last rent available, which should take around a year. 

I created a proper flag for my town yesterday. It has a 60's flower power look about it, with a big "M" in the middle.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for August 24, 2006

Nearly every garden has been plotted up. It's looking really nice now. I even added a nice blue path from each door. Curly had the best garden of all, but then the other day he left town! I tried to force him to stay, but he was having none of it. The only thing I have as a reminder of him now is his photo. Who's going to tell me to keep fit every day??

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for August 17, 2006

Nothing much is happening. 

Bunny is sick with a cold, and Derwin the blue Duck admitted that he fancies Melba the Koala.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for August 08, 2006

Some time ago now, I decided to garden my town properly, so that all the flowers are situated next to a house. I'm pleased I did, because now everything looks really pretty. I also decided to plant the palm trees more inland, and to start a collection of pear trees.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for August 07, 2006

My 1st UFO screamed past me today, but I didn't shoot it down >.< 

I have managed to shoot down 2 presents though so far.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for August 06, 2006

My week in Melodune- 

A new resident has arrived in the community. She is called Caroline, but looks like she should be called "flame" as her fir looks like fire. She reminds me of Static, as her hobbies are very similar and she seems very cool. They should hit it off. 

There was a fireworks party yesterday! And I also remembered to see K.K. Slider.

I have been making a lot of money because nearly all the fossils I have found are identical to the ones I have donated to the museum.

My new system for paying off the mortgage is to save up, and hopefully the interest will increase also. I plan on razing enough money to pay off all stages of the mortgage, so it should take until the end of the year.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 31, 2006

Sorry for not posting any news. Things have been quite nice here in Melodune now Egberts gone.

Static said a funny thing today. He said that Peanut reminded him of strawberry moose, and that you can't eat enough of it. 
I think it's safe to say he fancies her a lot, and this is Static we are talking about, he doesn't talk about his feelings much, he's too cool for that.

Forgot to mention. I bought a pool table yesterday! It fits in my house perfectly!

1 more thing, I made a Ryo Ohki shirt recently, and now it's become a new trend in town! Olivia was the 1st to wear it, and now others are too!

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 28, 2006

Egbert is finally leaving town!!!! At long last I can start to relax! 
He really gave me the chills, man! Just knowing I can walk out the house, and come back again without the chance of finding him asleep on my floor, it's like a dream come true!

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 28, 2006

3 things happened today- 

The bad news is that Olivia told me that she has a boyfriend, from another town. Apparently, he pops over uninvited without even seeing her, nicks her food, the goes back! Talk about disrespect!! I want to punch the bastard! 
What does she see in him? He doesn't treat her good at all! 

Em, anyway, to show how much I care for Olivia, I created a constellation of her and named it after her.

The other bit of news is that my new room has TONS of space. What was once crowded now looks empty!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 26, 2006

I did it! I paid off the mortgage again! Now Tom will build me a bigger house!

Also, its Curly's birthday today, so I popped round and gave him his 100 bells present, which he was really happy about. Egbert was also there. They really do get along well, hopefully enough to put me out the spotlight. Curly will spend the money on more weights. 

Olivia really cares for me more than before she had that cold. I cared for her a lot during her ordeal and now she really respects me more! She understands my feelings and so gave me a photo of her! I loved it so much I went and bought her an expensive wardrobe.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 25, 2006

Olivia got better, but then Derwin got ill again straight away! I dont know what to make of that. I hope I don't catch whats going round.

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 21, 2006


A koala moved into town today, I hope he/she sticks around. I can't tell yet if it's a boy or girl. Lol

Monday, 17 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 21, 2006

I interrupted a conversation going on between Peanut and Egbert earlier tonight, and Peanut said "Ah! Lan! Just the person we were talking about! Egbert has something he wants to say to you", then Egbert replied "No! I don't! Really!" and then he walked off in a huff. I wanted to say "yeah yeah, you're in love with me, I get it, I know" but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. 

Spice and Wolf- novel 8- Town of Strife I


Set directly after book 6, Holo gallops at relentless speed to the port town of Kerube with Lawrence and Col riding on her back. She plays another one of her mind games with the boys, by waiting to see how long they can last being thrown about on her back before they ask for a break. However the boys never get tired from the strain caused from her relentless speed, and so she continues to push forward nonstop until they reach Kerube, in which they do in only half a day. Holo upon arrival, of whom is still in her wolf form, sits up in a stature of utmost confidence, proud of what she can accomplish. Lawrence notices her attitude and sarcastically praises her abilities, which she relishes in.

The trio are on the hunt for mysterious giant wolf bones left to protect a village in the Roef region. They are trying to track them down before the church does first. The church intendeds to publicly display their might by claiming the bones to be of evil origin before proceeding to desecrate them in the name of God. Holo intends to save the bones in order to protect her race from humiliation. Its all she can do for her people.

As a way of killing two birds with one stone for when they find Eve, they intend to ask her of any leads they can follow to find the bones, considering she has knowledge of church proceedings in the region.

Holo transforms back into her human girl form and they soon locate the ship Eve was supposed to be on. Only she's not there. However they do find Arold the old Lenos innkeeper, which proves to be enough evidence to suggest that Eve somehow switched to land transport along the way. This would make sense as authorities would want to track down the ship that caused the wreck upriver.

Around twilight that evening Holo spots a caravan in the distance soon to arrive in town. Sure enough, leading this land party is Eve. Eve has a look of sheer horror as Lawrence and Holo approach her at the town gate. Lawrence notices that Holo is about to lunge at her and decides to hold her back. However bad the situation may be, the reunion goes off to a good start as the woman back away from making any antagonistic confrontations with each other.
Eve recommends to them a good inn to stay in town, and so that is exactly where the trio end up staying.

The next morning Holo is stricken to her bed, unable to move. Lawrence remembers the last time this happened but unlike before, she is not sick, only suffering from muscle fatigue because her pride prevented her from taking regular breaks from all that running she did the day before. Lawrence considers this and concludes that she prefers her true physical form to her human one. She loved spending as much time in her wolf form as she could, and loved showing off her abilities and true strengths.
Lawrence thanks Holo for caring for him enough to want to pick a fight with Eve, and she accepts it.
Col walks in from having gone shopping all morning. He has brought back some type of medicinal balm, which Holo turns her nose up too due to its awful stench. Col insists its for Lawrence's bruise on his face. After application and bandaging it up, Lawrence proceeds to using the rest up on Holo. He applies it on her back and shoulders, much to her protest.

Lawrence thanks Col and gives him bread to eat. Col reminds Lawrence that they have a pre arranged meeting with Eve downstairs in the inns dining area. They leave Holo to recover and go to meet her.

Lawrence and Col find Eve sitting at a table and walk over to join her. They talk business and its quickly established that Lawrence is uninterested in getting back any of his money that Eve stole from him (Wait... I'm sorry, WHAT?! ....... HU?!?!?) and instead proceed to talk about leads regarding the missing bones. I may have missed this fact before or its being mentioned for the first time here, but it becomes a fact that Col is from the same village that the bones are missing from.

They go for a walk to where Eves temporary hide away is. She explains that the origins of the wolf bone rumor should be found in a town upriver. The copper coin problem that was mentioned in book 6 is brought up yet again. Lawrence mentions that he has still to unravel the mystery.

Because Lawrence and Eve hit it off so well, Col considers them to be in a relationship, and that their tiff was because he ran off with Holo instead.

Back in the inn, Holo and Lawrence share a romantic moment which makes him stroke her cheek with his fingers whilst she's still on the bed. She entices him further by saying "is that all?", which makes him lower his face to hers, about to kiss, buuuuuuuut Col rudely interrupts them by knocking on the door. Lawrence realises that she enticed him into kissing her knowing full well they would be interrupted from the approaching Col. So in other words she was teasing him, AGAIN. Alone again a little whiles later she attempts to make up and be slightly more serious about their relationship by asking Lawrence to wash her topless back with a damp cloth. Lawrence misreads her and declines the offer, thinking shes only teasing him again. This is the first time Holo has shown to be needy for physical interaction with him.

They take a walk to the merchant district to find the Jean Company, the same place that is involved with the copper coin incident. This is a ramshackle of a place that like its about to fall into administration. However Lawrence is wary of this, knowing that its likely to be some type of disguise and besides, the main dealings from the company happen upstream. Lawrence introduces himself as an associate of Eve, on business regarding the wolf bones. He hands over Eves letter which basically gives her consent for him to talk to Lawrence about everything he knows regarding the bones. He takes out a case of bones that is apparently the culmination of 2 years work on the subject.

They have a lavish lunch. Holo and Lawrence banter some more in which suggests they have become a couple at last, however Col is in the way. Fucking great ¬_¬

They go to a market at the delta. Eve turns up with her cronies. Lawrence decides to follow her, letting Holo and Col go off to explore.

I'm now half way through this lackluster novel. Its fucking boring.

Lawrence and Holo share more intimate moments without kissing. At this point I'm saying this is extremely OOC. There are no excuses. The author has lost touch with his own characters.

Eve and Lawrence witness some sort of event at the waters of the delta.

Lawrence, Holo and Col are at a tavern and decide to come up with a plan on gaining more information about the Jean Company regarding the wolf bones or the gold coins. Holo would dress as a nun and try to talk to the church of the southern side of town. Lawrence would talk with the Rowan Trade Guild on the southern side, and Col would do something or another in the northern side of town.

I'm now 2 thirds through the book and its FINALLY gotten interesting:-

Lawrence talks to a man named Kieman, a well dressed man seemingly in charge of the Rowan Trade Guild of the south side of Kerube. Lawrence tries to stir things up by starting a rumor about the Jean company, and this bloke instantly realises and comes down on Lawrence like a ton of bricks. He forces Lawrence to spill the beans on everything he knows about his connections and past history with Eve. Just then Kieman is called to deal with a commotion. Lawrence notices the panic on everyones faces, then notices Holo outside. He goes over to her and she tells him that she was told to leave the church almost straight after she arrived. This is very odd and out of character of the church to turn away a questioning nun. Holo then says that the epicenter of the commotion is located at the river, where apparently she saw Amati down there (the sleazy guy from novel 3).

The book became dead boring again.

All 3 protagonists meet at their inn. Col had been posing as a beggar to gain information but he didn't get anything.
Apparently Ted Reynolds of the Jean Company is reducing the number of copper coin boxes by three and profiting from the reduced taxes and transport costs. And apparently he's doing this by somehow being able to re-stack 60 boxes worth of coins better which would end up with 3 empty boxes, or something. My mind has been wandering when reading this god awful book. I've even fallen asleep reading it on multiple occasions.
Oh and theres more- if Ted Reynolds gets caught, the penalties and loss of credibility on the Jean Company would be too great, so somehow the wolf bones is like a back up plan for Ted, or something.

The three main characters mull it over for ages and realise that Eve is probably pulling more strings than they realise, so they make a plan for Lawrence to try and seduce her for more information. At that point the innkeeper knocks on the door and gives Lawrence a letter from Eve. She's given the innkeeper instructions to take Lawrence alone to a secret location. Lawrence complies and they set off via carriage.

At this undisclosed location where Eve is apparently being 'held', she explains to Lawrence that the commotion at the southern sides dock was because a rare Narwhal was caught. Because the boat carrying it in is from the North side, it signals trouble ahead. The North side of the town will most probably use this to pay off their debts with the south, shifting the economical balance between the two sides of town which will be enough of an excuse to start a raging power hungry war.

Eve tells him a landowner who is madly in love with her is holding her in this place. He will steel the Narwhal back for the north and sell it to buy land in the south. Eve suggests to Lawrence to be a spy for her on Kieman and the Rowan Trade Guild. He declines and walks out.

Back at his inn Holo gives him a letter from the Rowan Trade Guild. War is about to get underway between the two sides of the town and he thinks it best to manipulate the Jean Company in another town. However something tells me though that he's not going to leave this town.

This story continues (and finishes) in the next volume.


I don't quite understand this, but when they finally find Eve, they don't grill her for their money back?! I'm sorry but WTF. Double You Tee Eeff. They are FLAT BROKE, and they don't ask her for at least SOME of their money back!? I understand that its been mentioned before that Lawrence kinda likes Eve and respects her despite what she did, but COME ON. He's FLAT broke. NO MONEY. NONE. Ask yourself, its the middle ages and your confronting your burglar who took all your money. What would you do?

Somehow in this story Lawrence has money. HU? Where did that come from?!

This was the slowest start to these novels so far, and it didnt improve. It was really slow and boring as hell. It doesn't help that Holo was out the picture due to bed rest, or that Col was around.

Talking of Col its not that he's getting in the way of any romance so its not that bad, I guess, but I still don't like him around. When I read the impending bedroom kiss, only to be interrupted by Col, I got so mad I put the book down and stopped reading. After continuing again it was explained that she knew he was approaching the bedroom door and so she never expected to be kissed, this time at least. So I forgive the author on this occasion.

Holo has shown to want physical interaction with Lawrence, even if the offer was only a back rub. Their relationship is finally hotting up but the hangups on progression seem to stem from either Col being around (I mean just in general. Col is trying his best not to be in their way romantically) or from them just plainly not talking to each other about wanting to be more intimate.

I'm pleased the copper coin situation was explained. It was frustrating not knowing what the mystery was during book 6.

This book sets up a story for the next book. However this is just plain old shit. Why should we readers have to slog though an entire book that just sets up groundwork?! AN ENTIRE NOVEL!

Let me get this straight- the following rating is based on the fact that this novel doesnt end its story. I have never read a book that splits its story up into 2 novels like this because its author is apparently restricted to printing so many pages per volume. This is outrageous. One story should be in one book; no matter how fat the book becomes. So my advice is to only read this when have the means of reading volume 9 straight afterwards.

4/10. Piss poor.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 20, 2006

Toms store changed into a bigger store today called Nook 'N' Go. 

Olivia is still ill, which sucks. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for July 19, 2006

Lily the frog is moving house. She hasn't been here long. I take it she must be homesick or something. 

Toms store "Nook 'n Go" is remodeling again, meaning I couldn't buy and sell today. Not that I had much of a chance anyway because I was stuck helping out Olivia again due to her sickness. I think I will spend the rest of the day in bed.

Oh I forgot to say I did go to Crazy Redds place, but his stuff is too expensive, and he makes out they are cheap!