Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Animal Crossing Blog: Entry for December 18, 2006

Yesterday a guy arrived, at the bottom east side of the town, where Bill used to live. He is called Rould or something like that. He is a penguin. He arrived yesterday. 

Today I went to my friend's Alex's town named Perdana. He also came to my town. I also met up with Bill and Kiki again, who couldn't remember me! T_T 
Bill has his own island as his property! Way cool! 
I also shopped in Perdana's Nookway, and Alex did the same in my towns shop too. Thanks to the fact someone foreign shopped in my Nookway, it will change into Nookingtons the day after tomorrow. It'll shut down for renovations tomorrow. 
Alex took tons of my fruit, which he hasn't got in his town, and I took a load of apples to bring back also. 

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