Friday, 25 August 2017

MUSIC REVIEW: Gorrilaz- Humanz

I've just listened to the new Gorrilaz album on Spotify. My god, its terrible! 0_0 How did Damon decide that this mess was finished?!? 0_o Every song sounds terrible apart from 'We Got The Power'. That song was at least catchy, however it ends abruptly and falls too short. It could have done with having a second part to it, somehow. The rest of the tracks in the album are generic and highly forgettable. A bit like the songs in the first album (excluding the singles, those were good).
Overall, every singer in this new album sounds like they are singing to a melody that just isn't there. Damon's singing parts are equally as bad. He sings exactly the same way in every song, which mirrors his guests in this album, in that he's singing/rapping to a melody that doesn't match the actual music being played. Maybe the singers literally didn't have a melody to sing too when recording their parts??
There are 26 songs to this album, yet it seems like their shortest to date. Maybe this is for the best, as you can then go and listen to some decent, older, Gorrilaz tracks after you're done. This is easily the worst Gorrilaz album, including The Fall which was written during their American Tour 2010, and recorded within a week I believe.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Let the mania commence!

We are so close now to the release of SONIC MANIA! I say this every time a new Sonic game is released but I'm absolutely sure this will be the best game since Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Only time will tell whether it will be better, but its got everything nailed down so far, apart from the odd few remade Mega Drive songs where the base tones dont sound as heavy. But that's nitpicking. Tee Lopes has done an awesome job with the soundtrack, so far anyway. Here's a Fresh perspective of one of his remade songs.