Friday, 19 October 2012

Thoughts: Oh My Goddess!

Yeah I dunno what happened. I decided in the summer just to read them all in one hit. So i did. I tried to blog my way through them, and kept a review in edit which was on the permanent back burner. It needed to be completed, so i did it just now. My love for the series diminished completely. Fujishima just keeps retconning things to the point that it ends up being nothing like the original vision. Im not saying its a bad series, its just been overdone. Things would have worked better if it just ended, and not come out with boring lack luster events. This series was all about K1 and bell's relationship, which may be getting sorted out now after the hell arc, but things still dont feel right. The movie did it better.


  1. Fujishima-sensei has been retconning since the series began. Once I accepted that aspect, I've just stayed with it.

    Still, I heard that he wanted to end the manga several years ago, but Kodansha wouldn't hear of it. I still suspect that the manga will be ending around chapter 300.

  2. As I mentioned on the goddess project, this series is over with. It had potential to ditch its relaxing stories and become an epic struggle for good v evil, but it never went that way. in fact it was more like good and evil being 2 sides of the same coin. The past 20 volumes have proved to me that its burning itself to the ground. Characters such as Otaki and Tamiya pop up yet again without having shown any growth when by now they should be running their own company. K1's time at college was never explained. It should have been 3 years but seemed more like 5. This interfered with other characters such as Sora. These characters never grew up either, emotionally or physically (in the case of Sentaro for instance).

    I used to like this series but this past year I've felt like its had its day. Its sort of like the simpsons in that things go back to square one after the arcs ended, but isnt this suppose to be more like a serial? No. Fujishima had a chance to shake things up around its peek at volume 20, but in my opinion it failed.

  3. As for the current arc which is trying to sort out K1 and Bells relationship, its too little too late. The problems mentioned above are too much of an eyesore to make the series fantastic again.