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The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya- novel 6- Love at First Sight


This is it!! This is moment I've been waiting/reading for! THE REST OF THE HARUHI SERIES! XD

I'm seriously excited. I love this series and quite frankly could not wait for a possible continuation of the anime, so this is why I'm reading the novels.


Love at First Sight- the third short story of "The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya" (novel 6)

Set near enough on the 26th December 2003, Kyon is clipping Shamisen's claws on his bed, when his sister walks into the room holding the house phone, saying "Kyon-kun, denwa". *shudders* XD

The guy on the other end of the phone is Kyons old middle school friend named Nakagawa. This guy spills his love over the phone, making Kyon think this guy is confessing to him. It actually turns out that he is love with a girl that he saw with Kyon, over 6 months ago. She was apparently in a North High uniform, which tells Kyon that he is in love with Yuki Nagato.
This guy Nakagawa was so overcome by her beauty that it took him 6 months to realise that Kyon was standing next to her in his memories. Wow. Nakagawa goes as far as to ask Kyon to send Yuki a message, and this consists of having a 10 year plan in which he will get into a good enough job before he wants to meet her and marry her. He's asking Kyon for her to wait for him for ten years. :/

Exasperated, Kyon writes all this down word for word.

Classes at North High ended for the winter holidays on the 24th. But despite this, Haruhi's SOS Brigade is still in full swing.

The next day is planned as the spring cleaning day for the club room (Its traditional in Japan to have the annual spring cleaning in time for the new year). Kyon arrives one hour early, in the hope of finding Nagato alone in the club room. Sure enough she's there, and he tentatively dictates Nakagawa's speech to her. Yuki doesn't need a lot of time to decline Nakagawa's request, saying that her self-control mechanism will be unable to remain stable after ten years. Kyon considers his situation and realizes that he is jealous of Nakagawa because he can't stand anyone getting in between him or Yuki; the image of Yuki pulling his sleeve in The Disappearance has left an effect on him. Kyon then goes on to think that he would get jealous if Mikuru had a boyfriend, but would be happy if Haruhi had one because this would take the strain off things.

Kyon scrunches the note into a ball and throws it out the window. The wind catches it, making it land under the Bridge walkway that connects the two buildings. Haruhi just so happens to be walking here at the time on her way up. She sees Kyon throw it and goes to pick it up, and starts reading. With a smirk on her face, she runs up into the club room in 10 seconds flat and pins Kyon against the window, demanding to know whats the big idea.

Koizumi and Asahina walk in and mistake the scene for a lovers quarrel, and promptly walk out again. It takes ten minutes to calm Haruhi down and explain the situation.

After Haruhi reads the note out loud in exaggerated mannerisms, Nagato, who has been quite up until now asks to read the note herself. She studies it then asks if she could meet this guy. This is unexpected.

Club room cleaning gets underway. Kyon and Haruhi take Mikuru's costumes to a dry cleaners, and the guys there look at them with upturned eye brows lol. Kinky indeed.

The rest of the club time is spent sorting the club room out.

Later at home, Kyon gets another phone call from Nakagawa, asking Kyon if he would bring Nagato to his American football game that he's participating in the next day. Kyon does, but naturally also invites the rest of the bridage.
At the ball game (An hour by bus somewhere in the city), Yuki sees this guy playing and under her coat hood, she recites an "incantation" quickly under her breath without anyone else noticing. This causes Nakagawa to suffer an accident during the game and be wheeled out in a stretcher. They decide to follow him to the hospital, but Koizumi wants this time to plan the mountain retreat with Haruhi and Mikuru at their usual cafe.

At the hospital, Nakagawa speaks to Yuki but claims that he can no longer see anything special in her. Later, Yuki reveals that he did not see love in her; instead, he saw the Integrated Data Sentient Entity and interacted with it, while the existence of the Entity overwhelmed him. Yuki's incantation had removed his ability to interact with the Entity.

Kyon thinks about his relationship with Yuki, and asks her if it was a pity that the first person who confessed to her turned out to be a fake. Yuki replies that it was, "...a little bit".


8-10. This really felt in tune with how the characters are feeling prior to this. Haruhi even confessed just how special Kyon is to her in this chapter after their rant. And Yuki is opening up even more than before, which is to be expected after the disappearance. During the window cleaning, even Koizumi spoke to Kyon about how fed up he's feeling with having to mask his personality in front of eveyone.

Up next: Snowy Mountain Syndrome.

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