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The Publication Mess of Haruhi Suzumiya: The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00

The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00- the second short story of "The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya" (novel 6)

Thank god for Wikipedia.

The events of the SOS Brigade movie that was shown in the AV room during the culture festival is narrated out in this chapter by Kyon. He makes snide remarks about the movie's cinematography and poor writing throughout.

"Mikuru" is a girl sent from the future to protect a boy, "Itsuki", who is actually an esper with hidden latent powers but is trying to ignore that and live a normal high school life. An evil alien magician named "Yuki" also watches over "Itsuki" in the hopes of gaining his powers, fighting randomly scattered battle scenes with "Mikuru" in the process. "Yuki" approaches "Itsuki" and threatens to attack him, when "Mikuru" intervenes and saves him, then decides to run off for no apparent reason. "Yuki" manipulates "Mikuru"'s friends to attack her, causing "Mikuru" to nearly drown, but "Itsuki" saves her. Then, both "Yuki" and "Mikuru" transfer into "Itsuki"'s school, enacting a love triangle. "Yuki" then stages a final battle with "Mikuru", but "Itsuki"'s esper powers are unleashed and blast "Yuki" back into space.


This was a fun chapter because its payoff for what Haruhis film was. All we saw in The Sigh was the random filming, but here we see what Haruhi's story was trying to be. I laughed at how the teachers intervened on the school roof, with the onlookers behind them.

We also got a bit more background towards the end of the chapter, that being that the film was so popular on the day that it drew more audiences than the film clubs work. In fact every time the film club tried to show their film the audience got annoyed. lol i guess they wanted some fanservice shots of Mikuru. In the end requests were made to Haruhi for the film to be burnt and sold on DVD, which led to Haruhis desire to create a directors cut version, and a sequel.


Up next: Live Alive.

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