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REVIEW: Oh My Goddess!- Manga volumes 29-


Volume 29:

The Polka-Dotted Cat and the Broom Race arc (continued):

Belldandy and chibi Hild are still racing. Bell damages her broom and starts to slow down. Watching on TV at home, Velsper comes up with an idea to help out. As Hild and Belldandy passes overhead, K1 thwacks the poor hairy cat with a baceball bat into the sky, which is timed perfectly so she can join Belldandy. the cat uses itself to stabilize the part of the brush that is damaged, so the broom can get back to full power.

Eventually Hild looses because Gluhende Herz is apparently a short range racer.
As the loser, Hild has to tell them what to do to sort out Velspers problem. She needs to name her recently acquired angel. Thats it.

Urd and Skuld spend the next chapter pestering Velsper about what name she has chosen for her angel. After chacing the cat around town, belldandy reminds urd that the naming process requires 2 goddess witnesses and must be done by the time the sun sets after the name is chosen. The cerimony begins and the name velsper chooses is 'Wasp of the Blue Lance'.

Urd: First Class Goddess Candidate arc:

Peorth informs Urd that she has been chosen to become a first class goddess. apparently its one of the resons Peorth is on earth in the first place.

Urd was originally turned down when they were kids. After passing a test from belldandy a spell is cast upon urd which sees her first class powers unlocked, which is immense. Urd is tested a few time.

Volume 30:

One of the tests is to make K1 truly happy by the time its sun set.

The scene then changes to the past and to the time that Urd was originally rejected. I personally thought she was rejected because of racism, but it turns out that it was because of another reason. Either way young urd told young belldandy
that it was because she 'lied'.

Belldandy and K1 are walking around town. Urd causes it to rain in the hopes of the couple foring to find shealter in a love hotel.
Sex isnt on the mind however for belldandy and she asks K1 if its alright for her to use her powers to make the rain stop. K1 then buys an umbrella and they walk out into the rain. Its the act of being forced to shair an umbrella that makes K1 truly happy, which then makes Urd pass this test. In the end though urd chooses to stay a second class goddess, not because of being able to lie, but because she doesnt want the power to protect the universe, but the power to protect her family. i also suspect that having too much power may be a bad thing for if the devil in her turns it to the gods disadvantage.

The "I love You" arc:

Peorth and later on Chihiro try to teach K1 to say the three magic words to Belldandy. Peorth tells K1 that he has a "limiter on his heart" which is holding him back. So she tries to help by forcing him to ignore it. K1 practices saying it to Peorth and Belldandy walks in the room.

Volume 31:

Its painfully obvious that they were just practicing, and nothing comes from it.

Peorth is teasing him. he ends up next to bell and is about to confess his true feelings to her when Urd forces him to swallow a pill. K1 goes to say how much he loves her, but the word forces her to collapse in emotion. this is urds pill at work.

skuld interfeers and he says the l word to her too, which makes hr collapse too. in the end, the other goddesses get caught in the trap too.

The Gate arc:

Peorths time on earth is over, but she cant get back. The gate functionality is wrong. it turns out that he gate is a living being, in the shape of a girl. It/she explains that she is on strike because she wants experiance living a life like everyone else do. all she ever gets is a copy of peoples memories when they pass through her, but he says she wants to create her own memories.

they let her have fun, and she even kisses peorth which is funny. but she next wants to kiss the others. she kisses urd and skuld, and wants to kiss bell and k1.

things are sorted out when K1 says love to her. yup, his spell is still in effect. in the end she turns back into a proper looking gate, but will only allow Peorth passage under a certain speed because shes just rebooted, or something.

Volume 32:

Miss Gate is transfered to another plane so she woulnt be board.

Beach Vacation arc part 1- The Lorelei:

Chihiro decides its time for a beach vacation, leaving Otaki and Tamiya to run the shop.

K1 and Bell are on the beach. K1 cannot swim and starts to drown, and notices a mermaid like creature in the water at the time. Bell saves him and the issue of his lack of ability to swim is brought up with the others.

Back at the inn K1 collapses due to a song he hears.

Something causes him to run about frantically to find Bll to tell her how much he loves her.

That night a song forces him to sleep walk to the beach to meet a mermaid like creature called a Lorelei. But the goddesses follow.

The female Lorelei tries to kidnap K1. Belldandy starts brewing up another one of her jellousy storms, this appears to be more powerful then in past situations. Other Lorelei turn up and explain something about a love festival.

A song is sung, K1 is treated and everything is normal again. Male lorelei turn up and the females make for a quick exit. Why would they retreat if they are celebrating a love festival? Maybe im thinking too much into this.

Volume 33:

Beach Vacation arc part 2- Motor contest:

Chihiro asks K1 what sort of motor he would like to build. She asks her local friends for help, and soon enough they are building two different vehicles, to be swapped for their test drive. Urd and Skuld interfeer. K1's is built for fun, whilst Chihiro's is built for speed. Bell learns that the other two goddess have sabotarged the bikes, so goes off on Chihiro's bought bike to rescue them, which she customises along the way using her power. She really hadnt have bothered because things are fine. Chihiro rides her custom bike home, and fails to notice it changing back along the way. FFS.

Volume 34:

Back home, Otaki and Tamiya have made a mess of whirlwind. Stuff happens regarding a bike.

Sentaro makes Skuld control her powers a little better.

Volume 35:

Sentaro was worried about moving, but it turns out to be nearby.

The next story is about a old style camera that holds memories.

Megumi gets dumped.

Volume 36:

Everyone looses there memories due to something to do with skuld and urd. Things are sorted out when K1 recites his wish to Bell.

Volume 37:

Chrono arc:

Goddess Chrono arrives in town. Apparently the songs of the world are being deleted. They have adventures around town to find and repear the program, or something.

Volume 38:

Oh yeah, she also has a thing against cats.

The Hell arc:

The longest arc ever. this should mark the end of the tired series.

Hild gets overthrown, and its up to the gang to go into hell and sort it all out, defeating demons one at a time.

Volumes 39,40,41,42,43:

Still in the hell arc. nuff said.


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