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The Publication Mess of Haruhi Suzumiya: Someday in the Rain

Someday in the Rain- episode 28 of the anime, written by Nagaru Tanigawa, with the script being published in "The Sneaker"

Set a few days before The Disappearance, Haruhi walks into the peaceful clubroom and orders Kyon to pick up a heater from the electronics store that was featured in The Sigh. She explains that she blagged it from the owner, for free. Kyon thinks it over. This involves waltzing down the hill, catching a train to two stops down the line to the commercial district, picking up the package and making a return journey, climbing up the dreaded hill again, only to walk down it once more to go home later on. Feeling deflated, he dons his coat, with Mikuru dressing him up with her scarf for the journey. Then he sets off.

With Kyon out the way for a while, Haruhi explains to the others that they will spend the remaining time sorting out the DVD extras for their movie, saying that she's going against Kyon's constant nagging to leave the movie alone.

Haruhi forces Mikuru into different costumes and takes pictures of her. Koizumi promptly leaves the room each time she's forced to get changed.

Having arrived, Kyon discovers the store had agreed to give them the heater in return for an advertising spot in their next film, which Haruhi promised. Kyon pulls a face and makes his way back, bumping into Taniguchi and Kunikida along the way.

He arrives back to find Yuki the only one in the room. He asks her where they are and she looks towards the adjacent building. Kyon pulls up a chair and falls asleep on the table.

Meanwhile Haruhi is filming Mikuru in the sports hall.

Kyon awakes to realize that he's alone with Haruhi. She seems different and shy, stuttering an explanation that she was waiting for him to wake up. He then realizes that he must have been asleep in the room whilst Mikuru was getting changed. Haruhi explains that they tried to wake him up but couldn't. She then demands for him to hand over her cardigan, which he finds to be covering his back, being used as a blanket. A second one underneath this implies that it was left by Yuki. He questions Haruhi as to why she waited for him, and she comes up with some excuse that she has to be the one to lock up the club room. He folds up the second cardi and places it on the back of a chair before leaving the room with her.

They walk home together in the rain, sharing an umbrella. For the first time, Kyon discovers a friendly more playful side to her personality.


This episode is canon to the novels as long as you ignore one shot that showed a pined up photograph of the girls with Kyons sister, taken from the Remote Island Syndrome story.
Its canon because it was written by Nagaru Tanigawa, the original author. This is also the only anime episode that is not adapted from any of the books. The script was published in The Sneaker, so yeah, its canon.

This marks the first time that Haruhi opens up to Kyon. She's expressing herself to him in a way that she will never show to anyone else. XD
Her feelings towards Kyon really show in this, and are equally expressed in the next story in the timeline, The Disappearance.

The mood of winter time is really well done here. Tanigawa wrote this episode so that the audience would feel the mood that winter brings. Its slow progressing, using a LOT of time focusing on Yuki reading her book alone in the club room, whilst you can hear the drama club a few doors down, people walking along the hallway, the sports club playing outside and the wind and other sounds coming from outside.

This episode really sets the mood up for The Disappearance.


What I'm reading next is "Love at First Sight", a short story set after The Disappearance. From here on out its brand new unadapted stories. I'm reading them in the timeline order and not in the publication order. I hope you're all as interested in the rest of the Haruhi series as i am!

Up next: The Disappearance.

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