Wednesday, 28 March 2012

REVIEW: Oh My Goddess!- Manga volume 23


Keiichi and Megumi's Parents arc (part 1):

Megumi interrupts in on K1 working at Whirlwind, saying that Keima is coming. Keima turns out to be Megumi and Keiichi's father, who has a rather big issue of not being comfortable around any woman (apart from Megumi and his wife Takano). Its explained that in their household, Megumi and K1 refer to their parents by their 1st name.

Chihiro accidentally touches Keima, and he runs out the building, grabs his motor bike and drives off. Everyone else chases after him on their bikes, where its established just how fast he is. The only way to stop him is for K1 to shout "FATHER!", which makes Keima stop, get off his bike and punch K1 in the face, saying "don't call me FATHER!". lol.

In the next chapter, Keima has directions to go on ahead to the temple, where he 1st meets Segal, who challenges him thinking he is a trespasser. He does well defending himself against her, but her cry for help gets Banpei on the scene, who summons mini Banpei's to attack him.

Hiding for cover inside the house, Keima meets Skuld, Urd and Peorth, which is funny because he ends up sandwiched between all 3 girls with the mini Banpei's surrounding them.

Things calm down after the others arrive at the temple. Keima finds out that Belldandy and K1 are a couple, and so does Takano, who overhears and introduces herself not long afterwards.

Takano wants K1 to prove his love for Belldandy in a bike race against Keima, who K1 has never won against before. The race starts and it goes round the back mountain roads. This ends volume 23.


I read this volume in one go. It was very easy to read and a nice relaxing story. I guess its about time the parents were introduced somehow, although the reason for having them turn up out the blue wasn't that convincing overall.

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