Thursday, 22 March 2012

REVIEW: Oh My Goddess!- Manga volume 21


A new arc starts here. Its about Peorth being stuck as a child.

Peorth arrives on Earth at the temple, wondering if the other goddesses can help her predicament of physically looking like a child (caused by events from the Velsper arc). She has her power back, and her angel is clearly in adult form, its just her own physical body that's the problem.

Belldandy asks why she is stuck as a child, but everyone cant tell her because Belldandy doesn't, and shouldn't know what went on during the Velsper arc.

Peorth explains how the only one who can cure her is the one who made her this way- Velsper himself.
Enter Velsper the cat (he hasn't had much of an appearance lately). The 3 goddesses do everything they can to help Peorth, but to no avail.

Peorth, Bell and K1 go to the beach to play. We learn how sad K1 is in not being able to be with Belldandy for HER whole life. Peorth says its fine, as he will live forever in Bell-chans heart. awww.

Unbelievable epicness of extreme proportions happen next, as Gan-chan makes his first appearance to the canon manga! OOOHHHHHH YYYEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!
Naturally he is experimented on, eating one of Urd's pills designed to be consumed by Peorth to make her older again. The rat grows spider like legs and scuttles off. I absolutely love Gan-chan and love how he was just idly in the room with the others like he belonged there! Brilliant!

Later on everyone in the room apart from Belldandy are sitting together at a loss of what to do, when out the blue Velsper the cat starts talking!
It turns out he cursed himself before he was reincarnated, so that he could remember himself before the change. whilst explaining that he still has his powers, he jumps on Gan-chan, who is still scuttling about the floor with spidery legs XD

Peorth demands him to change her back, but he says he cant. He says the only one who can change Peorth back is Hild, the CEO of the demon realm, the most powerful demon, and who turns out to be Urds mother. Urd phones her up and she comes down to earth almost immediately. Being the demon that she is, Hild will only change Peorth back if she can reclaim Urd to the demon realm, of which Urd refuses.


Peorth talks in much heavier French than in earlier volumes, which is annoying. I didn't learn french so i have absolutely no idea what shes talking about. The French language was relaxed somewhat in her 1st appearance back in around volume 11 or 12, So I'm kinda expecting the french to be relaxed in later volumes again (if she turns up again that is).

This volume felt like a VERY quick read. Each volume will start to be fewer and fewer pages, which wont be good. I do however think that the way the panels flow is very much like a storyboard. so in affect it reads more like your actually watching it on TV. This is a good thing ^_^

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