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REVIEW: Oh My Goddess!- Manga volume 22


Everyone is having a chat in the temple regarding how to sort out Peorth. Its worth mentioning that Hild names the demon realms computer system as Nidhogg. Its also worth mentioning that she dumped The Almighty One, not the other way round. Wow. I knew their relationship was taboo to say the least, but somehow I thought he would be the one to enforce the rules and come round to ending their relationship, not the other way around.

K1 said something to stand up to Hild, so she 'kisses' a spell towards him. Belldandy 'kisses' a counter-curse spell before Hilds reaches K1. They collide in the air and ricochet around the room. They catch their spells (Belldandys is in the shape of a heart, Hilds is in the shape of a spade, like out of a pack of cards). Hild idly tosses hers away, only for it TO HIT GAN-CHAN!!!!!!! WHO TURNS HIM INTO A SPIDERY FROG!! ROFLOL XDDDD.

Hild shows off her powers outside by creating a magic circle program in seconds. Everyone sings a spell to lift Peorths curse, and she turns into an adult again.

The relationship between Urd and Hild seems an interesting one. Urd refuses to admit her love for her mother, saying that if she ever did, she would instantly become a demon. The others don't believe this to be true, but its very clear just how much she really does love her.

Hild finds Velsper in an alley, who was trying to keep away from her. She finds him and brings him back to the temple, where Belldandy finds out her pet cat can talk. she nearly questions why but doesn't. Hild wonders what to do with the cat, and lobs him to K1. K1 demands to know what curse she did to Velsper, but she says "just a teeny one, mostly harmless". She then disappears back through the clouds to the demon world.

Holding Velsper by the neck, K1 stares at the cat wondering what curse he's got. He then realizes that Velsper is in fact a she. The faces on Urd, Skuld and Peorth at this realization are priceless, but Belldandy then says that Velsper was always a girl. This is strange. It means that Hilds curse on Velsper was not a sex change, though Urd suggests that the curse might be handed down to Velspers kittens- "I can see the sign now, 'FREE KITTENS, FREE CURSES'". This ends the arc.


Hild becomes very intrigued in the household during this arc, testing the goddesses wits and realizing just how special a human K1 really is. I don't consider her a bad person, even though she is queen of the demon realm. Both the goddesses and demons have the same job after all, ensuring a balance of good and evil in the universe(s?). Out of all the demons, no one should know this better than Hild. This is why I don't consider her a bad person.

I'm not too sure why Hild is talking about herself in third person. It doesn't sit right with me, unless she has split herself up into many many different copies (like in the next arc.)


Chibi Mara and Chibi Hild arc (part 1?):

Because of her new found interest in the temple household, Hild decides to leave behind a copy of herself on Earth, which looks like a small child of around Skulds age. She has a small portion of her real body's power, but its still lv 1,000,000.

She decides to catch up and hang around Mara, who is happily playing arcade games in her abandoned game centre. Mara is not alone though, she has 3 new rat minions, who talk and act human, who are also sporting lab coats. Hild asks Mara about how their market share is doing, knowing full well she has been slacking around. Mara presents her new toy, the 'Goddess Catcher', a teapot that will trap anyone who kisses it. Hild 'fixes' it so that it appears to its victims as something cute enough to kiss.

They decide to chibi-fy themselves and leave the teapot outside the temple. Peorth, who is still hanging around, is the 1st victim. Then soon after its Skuld, Urd, Chihiro (who is also visiting), Velsper and K1. Interestingly, the kettle appears as Belldandy to both K1 and Velsper. This could indicate that Velsper is in love with Bell (even though he is now a female feline!).

Belldandy sees the kettle as a kettle, which makes sense because she loves tea culture. She takes it to the kitchen and washes it under a warm tap. This is the kettles weak spot and everyone is released.

Urd, Skuld and Peorth help to throw it outside into the sky, and whilst they bicker over who destroys it, Velsper fires a beam from her forehead which destroys the kettle/demon device, thing.

Chihiro wonders what the hell is going on, and has a worried look on her face when K1 says to her shes going to consider this all just a bad dream (with Skuld about to hit her her with her hammer, Urd holding a syringe, and Peorth emitting sleep inducing rose pollen.)


I dont know what happened to him, but Senbei isn't around anymore. He seems to have been last seen towards the end of the Clone/demon Urd arc.

Dark Horse translated one of Maras words as PWNED! (and this is in 2005!) Which made me laugh.


As a whole, this was a good volume. However I do think its time for another epic arc to happen. Velsper has become a really interesting character and it will be cool to see him/her in another storyline.

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