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The Publication Mess of Haruhi Suzumiya: Random Numbers


Random Numbers- a short story written by Nagaru Tanigawa included in Kadokawa's tenth anniversary Haruhi artbook.

Set on January 3rd.

During the return journey home from the snowy mountain, Haruhi and Tsuruya spend literally no time at all preparing for the SOS Brigades official new years shrine visit, to take place the very next day.

Kyon and Koizumi are set slightly behind 3 kimono clad girls. They are all walking to their first shrine visit of the year. Tsuruya, despite having lent the girls her families' Kimono's, cannot join them because she and her family have had to fly to Europe.

Koizumi is pissed that Kyon didn't invite him to go time traveling back to December 18th later on the day before. Koizumi is also pondering about the numbers Seven hundred, seventy five thousand, two hundred and forty nine. Kyon asks him why, in which Koizumi wonders how prime numbers and other statistics would come into it.

Haruhi calls behind to the two boys. They have reached the entrance to the shrine and its packed full of visitors. Eventually the gang get their chances to do the usual Japanese traditions such as offering money, prayer and hitting the shrine bell.

Haruhi eyes up a shrine maiden and wonders whether she can get her hands on the costume for Mikuru. Mikuru also eyes up the girl but Kyon wonders if its because shrine maidens don't exist in her time frame and that she's probably just enthusiastic to see one. However I think that Mikuru is genuinely eying up the outfit lol.

Haruhi and Kyon end up alone together due to how easy it is to loose people in the crowd. The strap on Haruhi's sandal snaps off right in the middle of the bustling street, so Kyon drags her away to the side to help her. Kyon cant help but feel aroused by Haruhi as she supports herself against him for balance whilst hopping on one foot.

Kyon quickly decides to phone Koizumi so as to make a rendezvous, but he only serves to come up with some lame excuse to ensure that Kyon and Haruhi have meet them instead.

Kyon and Haruhi talk it through, though they both feel like they have been trapped in a corner. Eventually she agrees to let Kyon carry her on his back. Only its not as simple as that. Harhui is wearing a kimono which restricts leg movement. Therefore Kyon cannot steady her by grabbing her thighs like one would normally. instead she has to be holstered higher up his back and carried that way, which puts more pressure on his back.

Kyon climbs his way up to meet with others. Its implied that Nagato is assigned in dealing with fixing Haruhi's sandal.

Conversation now turns to why its unfair that the boys didnt get to wear something fancy for the trip. Koizumi mentions that he 'just so happens' to know a tailor store for renting out formal attire. Haruhi then blurts out that she now only needs to know their weight, height and width measurements.  Koizumi takes her to one side out of Kyons ear shot to tell her. Seems like we now know the significance behind the numbers Seven hundred, seventy five thousand, two hundred and forty nine. The question is, does Koizumi know some details about the future and whats expected to happen?

A few days later Kyon receives some photo prints through the mail. The letter is from Koizumi and the photos include a few formal ones of the SOS Brigade posing traditionally with everyone in full garb. Apparently they had just so happen to pass a professional photo shop on their way to their second shrine that day after Kyon and Koizumi got their Yutakas.

Another photo print Koizumi added to the letter was a cell phone quality picture of Kyon carrying Haruhi on his back, with Haruhi burying her face in his back. Awwwww.


8-10. This fan translation said that Kyon time traveled back to December 28th when it was really December 18th, but I'll let this translation error slide.

I'm a bit of a Kyon x Haruhi fan. They would make a cute couple! <3

I loved this short story. It was simple but then it contained another touching moment between the cute couple in the making (I sincerely hope so at least!)

Up next: The Melancholy of Mikuru Asahina.

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