Thursday, 17 October 2013

MUSIC REVIEW: Helen Love- Day-Glo Dreams

The latest album from Helen Love callled 'Day-Glo Dreams' absolutely sucks. SUCKS! ITS SHIT!

Its like an album that was purely created in Garageband and completely rushed together. The non-rhyming lyrics suck so BAD that I end up cringing whilst facepalming.

All the songs suck. Not one of them is decent.

This band is supposed to be one of the most colourful sounding bands out there. Everything they make is like an audio orgasm; they are that good. However this album is shit. pure shit. do not touch.

Even the artwork looks basic and black and white.

Oh and there is no volume number assigned to it, meaning it makes it difficult for me to organise correctly on my MP3 player, and there is NO WAY im adding it to volume 3. Those songs are sacred.

They should be ashamed of themselves for releasing such utter garbage.

What the fuck happened to what was suppose to be their next album; "Stick it" ?????? I want that album, not this crap. Even the song which was posted to their myspace page that was suppose to be from that album sounded amasing.
Unfortunately I cant remember what it was called. I NEED THAT ALBUM.

I mean just listen to this shit- Be warned its really really bad-

Compare that to their last single Calm Down Dad (volume 3 issue 6) from 2009-

EDIT a few days later-
This album is crap. Ive heard it a few times thinking that i'll give it a chance. Some of the keyboard 'sounds' stick in your head and its doing my nut. The stupidly catchy eightiesness of the songs are dancing about in my head like an annoying bratty 5 year old child throwing his toys everywhere and streaming blue murder. I NEED other songs in my head. Anything other than this drivel. Its an evil album thats just there to be annoying. I need reminding that Helen Love is a decent pop group so I listen to a few songs from volume 2, but even after that i still hear syth drums in my head like a kids mashing all the drum keys on his Yamaha he got for his birthday. Fuck me I hate this album. I might even delete it its so evil. So annoying. So yeah ive given it a chance. Fuck it. 0-10. Not even 1 for trying.

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