Sunday, 18 August 2013

REVIEW: Oh My Goddess! First End


Skuld is recalled to heaven to sort out an escalating bug problem. Megumi calls in to the Morrisato residence with a flat tire on her bike to ask K1 for a lift to the campus with the aerodynamics class. They set off in K1's bike with sidecar. K1 is distracted along the way by seeing the celestial bugs running across the road. He swerves to avoid an oncoming truck and dies, protecting Megumi of whom suffers little injury.

The bug problem in heaven worsens to the point that everyone has to evacuate through the gate to the Morrisato residence. We 'learn' that heaven is a time frame out of line with earth, and that they are ahead by a few days. The bug problem and demise of yggdrassel was caused by K1's death, who turns out to have had some anomaly within him similar to the OVA episode. yup thats right, K1s death was caused by, um, K1's death *claps sarcastically*

Belldandy is distraught by her beloved's death, and one by one the gods and goddesses faze out of existence.
Skuld uses her bug catching machine to somehow create a vaccine which is to be sent back to heaven after Urd establishes a connection.

In the new universe Belldandy decides to not be closer to K1 by deciding not to attend NIT. They win tickets to an island vacation. They visit a tall tree during this vacation. Belldandy talks to it; its dying.

Later on in the year Tamiya and Otaki create an event to try and shoot down a ghost on the school roof that turns up every now and then. Belldandy, who is not attending NIT in this universe, has become like a local legend among students and now they get to see her by being treated from their wounds when shot down by Urd, Skuld and K1. The prize of shooting the ghost is 1 million yen, which Den and Dai dont have, hence why they need the help to shoot down the attendees. The ghost shows up and attacks K1. A week passes and Urd tries to figure out what it was from up in heaven, thinking it was of demonic origin.

In a nutshell because I don't want to write anything more about this, K1 spends all his time saving up for a ring for Belldandy for christmas. Urd doesn't arrive back. There is a massive Christmas party at the Morrisato residence with the motor club guys. K1 and Bell exchange presents later that evening. His present to her is the ring.

K1 gets trapped in snow making Belldandy think things are going wrong again. This is later confirmed with the arrival of Megumi with a flat tire, making Bell think that fate is trying to make that fateful day repeat itself wayyy earlier then scheduled. Skulds past memories are reclaimed and she helps out. Urd turns up at Nekomi tech and creates a spell that opens up a connection with hell, but destroys the Nekomi Tech dorms.

Hild turns up and explains that the universe reset was only half completed. They should have dealt with resetting Nidhogg as well as Yggdrasil, as now there are 2 different versions of each or something. She takes Belldandy to another dimension for a bit where K1 has another girlfriend because Belldandy never existed there.

With help from Hild, they do a massive reset to Yggdrasil as well as Nidhogg this time and everything starts out the same, apart from this time Belldandy gets to Keep K1's ring which survived the reset thanks to Skuld. The end.


The worst thing about this book is that its not canon. It means that I couldn't care less about it, which means my attention span wasn't going to be all there from the get go. I'm not saying its a bad book. Its a very good book. It has some really really good moments which is completely in tune with the overall feel for the OMG universe.

But who in their right mind would spend money on fan fiction? Apparently me, because thats exactly what this is, and exactly what I have purchased. *facepalms*

So what if its written by Urds Japanese VA?
So what if some of the pictures are drawn by Fujishima himself?
So what if its printed and presented by Dark Horse?


I guess buy it cheap on eBay and judge it for yourself. You'll find my copy there very soon.

Overall 6-10. Average. Doubt I will ever read it again.


  1. Yeah, the "fan fiction" part is why I didn't read it. I was somewhat tempted since Urd's seiyuu wrote it, but that's as far as it went.

    BTW, just out of curiosity, were Japanese honorifics used in the English version? I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but I'm just curious.

    1. Nope. Not that it matters in novels anyway.