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REVIEW: Oh My Goddess!- Manga volumes 25, 26 and part of 27


Fighting Wings arc (part 2):

Volumes 25 and 26 continue the Fighting Wings arc.
According to Lind, Urds angel 'World of Elegance' has indeed been eaten by the angel eater, and that its been here all along. Soon Peorths angel 'Gorgeous Rose' is taken too. When everyone is thinking of what to do, we learn a bit more about Lind and her personality in finding joy in battling. Belldandy and Lind go to take a bath together, but Belldandy is also hit by the angel eater right in front of Linds eyes. Lind realises that its coming out from within her. The commotion is heard all over the temple and everyone comes running. Lind forces everyone out of the bathroom and seals the room from within. Lind explains through the door that the angel eater is like a parasite and is hidden within her. Lind realises that demons must be pulling the strings, and on cue out come Mara and chibi-Hild.
Lind and Chibi-Hild start fighting within the bathroom, and Mara goes to rob Skulds angel egg out in the hallway. However, she is easily dealt with by K1, Skuld and Sigel. Hild reveals Linds angel out of her back, which is found to be carried by the angel eater in its claws. Lind is feeling pain and rips out her angel with the parasite out of her own back herself. This shows her skill as a combat goddess because she does not faint like the other goddesses did when it happened to them.
Now that the angel eater parasite is let loose, it tramples around and ends up outside.
Chibi-Hild wants to experiment a bit and forces a 'Familiar' egg into the unconscious Belldandys back. 'Familiars' turn out to be the demon equivalent of Angels. Its Hilds theory that familiars may make goddesses become demons. Lind, Skuld and K1 regroup in the bushes outside and come up with a plan that involves Skuld eating her egg and reincarnating her angel 'Noble Scarlet'. But the plan also involves K1...
They go to attack, Skuld eats her egg and Noble Scarlet is reincarnated at full size this time. This must show that Skulds power has increased from last time she said goodbye to her angel. This is just a decoy though and out of nowhere K1 uses his surprise attack by summoning 'his' angel called Cool Mint, a one winged angel (on her right hand side, unlike Linds angel 'Spearmint' which is one winged on her left side), which goes to attack chibi-Hild. The attack is in vain however because out appears a demon looking Belldandy (her costume is ~hawt). Belldandy summons her familiar which shocks everyone. The fight then turns from the angel eater to suppressing Belldandys power. But after a few seconds Belldandy looks at the group and tells them shes not a threat anymore. The familiar then changes form into an angel, much to the shock of chibi-Hild. K1 and Cool Mint attack the angel eater and freeze it. This allows Noble Scarlet to fly into its mouth and rescue the non-chewed up or partially digested (?? why not?) angels of Urd, Bell and Peorth. They all fly back to their respective goddesses. Now its just Spearmint left to rescue from the clutches of the angel eater. Lind turns to K1 and asks for her angel to be returned to her, which he allows. He then falls to the ground clutching his chest like some part of himself has been removed. Somehow he says that the goddesses must have felt the same thing but 10 times worse when it happened to them. Lind then goes to attack the angel eater and chibi-Hild, and this marks the end of volume 25.

Volume 26 starts where things left off, and Lind uses one hell of a powerful fast move to rip the legs off the angel eater, freeing her angel. She then turns her attention to the demons. A very quick fight results in the destruction of the temple (lol again). The angel eater goes berserk and Mara and Hild make their getaway. Belldandy, using her newly gained demonic powers, and Urd with her natural demonic powers, help to open a gate to hell in the ground. Everyone apart from K1 now helps to force the angel eater into it. For the first time ever in her life, Lind summons both Cool Mint and Spearmint simultaneously, and fly's straight up high above tokyo harbour, only to fly back down as fast and as powerful as she can to force the bloody thing into the portal, which doesnt initially work. Scare tactics however do work when Urd, Skuld and Peroth show their weapons to the creature, and it retreats down the hole to hell of its own free will. Meanwhile Belldandy is attending to the passed out K1. He wakes up to two breasts in the face XD
More laughs happen next as everyones combined spells to rebuild the temple mess up and create something that looks right out of Disneyland. Lind smiles for the 1st time, and thanks K1 for teaching her the importance on relying on the help of others. Turns out the reason why she couldnt summon both of her angels at the same time was because she never relied on both of their power simultaneously. All this time she thought it was her own power that was lacking in being able to summon both at the same time, and it was this that made her want to train to become as strong as she possibly could. Lind leaves before telling K1 that he is now an incredibly important person in her life.

Fighting Wings aftermath arc:

All that household stuff that was initially sealed by Lind is still sealed, including for some reason Velsper the cat.
At Whirlwind and at home, Belldandy seems to be having trouble supporting two angels. Its explained that Lind can support two because they are twins, but for everyone else it would be a struggle.
K1 comes up with a plan and suggests that he should host the ex-familiar/angel. Urd, Skuld and Peorth blow a fuse at this suggestion, probably out of some sort of jealously (though i cant see how, although it might be because there is now no way they can ever consider K1 a normal human from now on). All of a sudden the ex-familiar forces herself out of Belldandy and enters K1. Belldandy inspects K1 and tells him he's acquired an 'angel receptor'. After this, K1 goes around not accustomed to having power. He wants to bath and transports himself into the bath. He wants to get into his futon and instead the futon wraps around him. After a day at work, Belldandy and K1 return home to be cornered by Skuld, Urd and Peorth. They attempt to seal them both, saying that as much as Bell and Kei are trying to save the life of an ex-familiar (its not mentioned but implied that Belldandy is still somehow connected to the angel via K1), they are trying to save the lives of them both. K1 uses his angels bat like wings to fly off, appearing to be in berserker mode, and so ends volume 26.

Volume 27 starts with K1 flying off, and Belldandy breaking Peorths seal to give chase. After some usual antics, K1 recovers and comes up with another idea, to transfer the angel to a demon who has no familiar. At first everyone thinks this is a bad suggestion, but then they realise that Velsper would be the perfect candidate.
They find the cat frozen among other possessions that were sealed by Lind. They phone Lind and ask for her to send them the password to the seal. Skuld adapts a microwave that unfreezes everything. The cat awakens and K1 talks to the cat about the proposal. Velsper reluctantly agrees, as long as he can reveal his demonic self to Belldandy.  Although risky, Urd comes up with the pathetic excuse to Belldandy that Velsper is a demon cat sent to earth to study earth cats. Unbelievably, Belldandy believes the story. It turns out that the recommended way in which to transfer angels from person to person is via a kiss. Hilarity ensues and K1 and Velsper kiss. Just before transferal, the angel asks K1 to name her, which K1 declines on. Sometime later, Velspers black fur is dotted with white spots. This is because of the angels heavenly power. END OF THE ARC.


I counted 21 various pictures of female/angel butts in this arc. 4 of which belong to Belldandy, and thats not including the numerous pictures of her naked. Just saying. ;P
Call me crazy but I have an inkling that Hild is not as evil as she may seem. I get the impression she is challenging the household to
a) see how powerful their skills are, and
b) make them stronger.

K1 being able to support angels and being called a 'receptor' is a major breakthrough to the series. If anything it shows that he has now transcended from a normal human being. Given time this could mean something bigger, like being able to support god like power, or be changed into a full god without much effort, if the story ever goes in that direction.

In all I loved this arc. It's about time we had another major story arc. It reminded me of a movie, though it could have been more epic.

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