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REVIEW: Oh My Goddess!- Manga volume 28


The Lost Voice arc:

Belldandy catches a goddess related illness called the 'Ahem Bug'. It means she looses her voice. Urd helps out and gives her some pills. She says the illness should pass by 3pm. Peorth then finds out and gives Belldandy her own potion.

At Whirlwind, Sora turns up and says that there is a crisis with recuiting new members at this years freshers fair.
They go there to help her out with recruitment. Otaki and Tamiya turn up and soon a karaoke contest is being held, where the winner gets to kiss a club member, which would have to be Sora as she is the ONLY club member. K1 sings for some reason, and Belldandy says that its the 1st time she has ever heard him sing. REALLY?? REALLY THOUGH?! Surely they would have all sung together in at least one of the group parties by now? Aoshima turns up and sings, thinking he would get to kiss Belldandy for some reason. Belldandy checks the time. its after 3pm which means her throat is cleared up and she can join in and sing too. She does, but the two potions she took causes her singing voice to be so powerful that it hypnotizes everyone to signing up to the Motor club afterwards, including Mara who was planning on scheming nearby, but whom never got a chance too. At the end of the day they got hardly any new members.


There are a number of problems with this arc. It implies that a new college year has begun. Does this mean that K1 graduated? Or is it really taking him 2 years to study German? The story implies that he has. on pages 32 and 33, they are walking around the club recruitment stalls around campus. K1 says "Its the same chaos as every year, but it makes me feel nostalgic. And i realize, this is a place i can never return to even though it was precious to me".
Belldandy then thinks to herself, "Keiichi, time can't be reversed. And in the twinkle of an eye, this moment will become the past. But knowing you cant go back is proof of your progress. its a very wonderful thing". WTF? So he has graduated?
OK then, what about Aoshima, Sora Hasegawa, Otaki and Tamiya? They were all present in this arc. I had thought that Den & Dai-chan had graduated and moved on already, but Sora refers to them as "upperclassmen". HU?! What about Aoshima? Why hasn't he moved on in life? remember, this is 4 or 5 years later from the beginning of the series, in which K1 had already spent one year at uni. What, is Aoshima studying for his doctorate or something?! My god, is Den & Dai-chan studying for a doctorate??! Is Sora studying a masters? Did they all flunk at least 3 years worth of uni?

The Polka-Dotted Cat and the Broom Race arc:

The household is making fun of Velsper and her (not his) white polka-dots. they cant think of a way to make Velsper normal again, unless they have help from a demon like Hild. Belldandy realizes that chibi-Hild is spying on them nearby via a fly on the wall. She seeks her out and asks for help. Mara is willing to help, only if Belldandy wins against her in a broom race. The broom Bell uses is String-Fellow Hawke, who had his own chapter a while back (yeah even though its a broom it can talk and move like its alive. In fact i think it IS alive if i remember, as inanimate objects are also sometimes classified as such in this series). Its revealed that Belldandy and String-Fellow Hawke have won the heaven broom race championship six times.
The broom Hild uses is Velspers mechanical 'broom' (its actually a vacuum cleaner), called Gluhende Herz. Velsper explains that in the past, she/he would use it to fly up and break into heaven. She also explains that Gluhende Herz has been used in the demon world to win their broom race championship eight times.

Just before the race starts, Hild explains that if she wins, the goddesses have to leave earth and return to heaven (although she doesn't say 'for good'). The race then begins and Hild is mostly in the lead. the course is around Nekomi. End of volume 28.


There are a few pictures of when Velsper broke into heaven on Gluhende Herz. Heaven is shown to have weird looking beings other than gods and goddesses walking along a bridge. Could they be deceased? The manga has yet to explain that side of heaven >.<
I may have suggested before that Hild may be trying to secretly make the goddesses improve upon their power, but having such high stakes on the line which could mean that they have to go home may show that Hild is indeed trying to maintain the goddess/demon market share on earth. Thinking about this though, her constant presence on earth would be keeping the balance of goddess/demon power on earth.

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