Tuesday, 19 June 2012

REVIEW: Oh My Goddess!- Manga volume 27


Rubber Band War arc:

Volume 27 continues with another story involving sisterly rivalry, only this time, ITS WAR, with rubber bands, and Peorth gets involved. It was only two chapters (172,173). I liked how Bell kept telling them "No fighting", followed by Urd and Skulds childish replies of "OKAAAAY".
Urd hid behind Peorth against one of Skulds attacks, and naturally Peorth got hit. This was when the epic war of doom got turned up a notch, because the pissed Peorth started firing fan belts around.

In the end the temple was trashed. Belldandys reaction to this was something like 'I told you no fighting, clean it up now please', followed by the other three goddesses responding in unison, "OKAAAAY" XD

Machiners arc:

Its getting late in the working day at Whirlwind. Chihiro remembers something about 'Thunderbird' and dashes off, leaving K1 to wonder if she didnt set her VCR to record an old episode of Thunderbirds. Theres a knock at the door and K1 opens it to be greeted by a robot. He (it?) asks for Belldandys help. K1 asks Bell if its one of Skulds creations, but she explains that its from a race called the 'Machiners' from another dimension, one in which the earths axis is tilted slightly, or something. Belldandy says her powers dont work too well on their race, so K1 goes to fix him, and is rewarded with a spanner. The next day Chihiro explains that the Thunderbird she was talking about was a bike up for sale that she agreed to go visit in the evening, but it wasnt the one she was hoping for. Another knock at the door turns out to be from three more Machiners. they deal with Chihiro and get her out the picture so K1 can fix them too. Again after fixing them K1 is rewarded with more tools. The process happens one more time regarding a flying machine that cant land properly (a reference to Thunderbirds episode 1 is mentioned). After this is resolved and K1 gets more tools, the next day he finds out these tools have some sort of special power that makes machines work better, or at least something along those lines. Chihiro ends up getting more jealous of his workmanship.
This ends volume 27.

The Mini Goddess RPG special from last time continues at the end of this volume.


These two side arcs were OK i guess. The rubber band war was a good laugh.

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