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The Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya- novel 7- Prologue (part 2)


The Prologue to The Intrigues (novel 7), (part 2):

Set on Tuesday 3rd February 2004.

Its the end of the day in the club room. Due to circumstances, only Kyon and Koizumi are present. Itsuki uses this rare alone time to talk about Kyons time travel to the 18th December. He uses the white board to illustrate how time flowed during Kyons experience. He also goes on to say that the 3 days afterwards (where Kyon fell down the stairs) may never have happened, and that they could be fake memories.

Haruhi barges through the door followed by Mikuru and Nagato. They have been shopping for food to celebrate the Setsubun festival. Haruhi questions the strange diagram on the white board before Koizumi quickly dismisses it as a doodle and wipes it off. They then spend the rest of the afternoon throwing beans out the top storey window (a local custom to cleanse evil spirits) and eat Fukomaki facing a certain direction (also a part of local traditions).
Despite having fun doing things like this, the next day Kyon notices that Haruhi is not happy with something, but its so subtle that he wonders if he is the only one to notice it in her.


5-10. This story starts from the English publication of The Intrigues from page 22 line 11! XD
Otherwise there's not much to say about this, apart from that the next storyline looks to be centered around Haruhi's restlessness.

Up next: The Intrigues.

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