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The Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya- novel 7- Prologue (part 1)


The Prologue to The Intrigues (novel 7): part 1.

The first part of The Intrigues prologue acts like a short story that completes The Disappearance arc. Read up until the middle of page 22 when it starts spoiling events that happen in the next short story; The Melancholy of Mikuru Asahina.


Its January 2nd 2004, the day they return home from the mountains. Kyon has been living besides himself ever since the incident of getting trapped in a mansion by an unseen enemy. He cannot put it off any longer and decides the moment he returns home to sort out events left unfinished from December 18th. He phones Mikuru, who has only just arrived home herself, and informs her that she needs to go back in time with him. She says she would need days to sort out the clearance from her superiors, but Kyon's insistent, so she contacts them right there and then. All Kyon can hear over the phone is Mikuru's soft breathing for 10 seconds, but then she speaks to him sounding surprised that not only has she been given the clearance, but they are telling her to listen to Kyons instructions and do as he says. The author missed a trick here. Mikuru should have asked Kyon whats going on, and his reply should have been "thats classified". lol that would have been funny. Oh well.

Kyon tells her to meet him around Yuki's apartment and then he phones Yuki to tell her whats going on. They meet up and have a cup of tea whilst Kyon gives them the run down. He purposely omits information about adult Mikuru. Kyon doesn't make the same mistake twice and remembers to make sure everyone is wearing their shoes before they leave for the 18th. Whist putting his shoes on he spots adult Mikuru's high heals, but does not take them with him. This must be because Mikuru would ask questions if he did. Mikuru activates her TPDD and the three of them travel back.

They are standing near North High at night. Very close nearby the Kyon of the past is pointing a gun at a whimpering glasses clad Nagato, with adult Asahina standing just behind him.

Kyon informs Yuki that they are standing too close, but she informs him that they are shielded from their past selves. Mikuru asks who the woman is (she's staring at her back), but then out of the shadows Asakura runs out and stabs Kyon of the past. Kyon of the present notices something he didn't remember from the ordeal, Asakura is twisting the knife deep into his body as vigorously as she can. *shudders*

Seeing Kyon of the past fall to the ground, Miruku of the present runs to him but hits the invisible barrier. She demands Yuki to lift the barrier and she does. Mikuru then runs to his side, ignoring the fact that kneeling right next to her is her older self. Current Yuki stops Asakura and deletes the knife. Kyon waltz's up to the scene and recites his memorised lines. Kyon of the past passes out and Asakura disintegrates. Kyon picks up the gun and points it to glasses clad Nagato, of whom is now trembling on the ground. Adult Mikuru puts her younger self to sleep and current Yuki heals Kyon's wound.
Yuki then demands Kyon to hand her the gun which he does, and she points it to the other Nagato and pulls the trigger. It makes no sound nor light, yet glasses Nagato blinks twice and slowly stands, taking her glasses off. They stare at each other for a while until her past self demands synchronisation. Yuki refuses. When asked why she simply says "I do not wish too" with obvious emotion in her voice. Yuki then demands her past self to reset the world back. Adult Mikuru helps her younger self onto Kyons back and the four of them travel through time again, leaving past Nagato alone and lonely with an unconscious Kyon.
Time travel out of this time frame proves a bumpy ride for Kyon. Adult Asahina explains that they cannot be present for Nagato's time realignment because it takes a hell of a lot more effort to make the amendments then what they previously experienced from before. During the time travel journey they all experience a snippet of the three days absent from Kyons memories; an ambulance outside North High along with ashen faced Haruhi and Asahina escorting the paramedics with Kyon in a stretcher, whilst Koizumi is on his cell phone, no doubt organising hospital arrangements. Nagato is not there.

Time travel starts up once more. Adult Asahina informs them that they are traveling back to their respective time frames. Her last words inform Kyon that he can give her sleeping younger self a kiss if he likes. After this adult Asahina disappears and Kyon, Mikuru and Yuki arrive back in Yuki's apartment. Yuki establishes the fact that they had been away for approximately 60 seconds.

Kyon helps the sleeping Mikuru into a futon in the spare room. He downs whats left of the tea and thanks Yuki for her help before leaving.

Kyon feels completely satisfied that he can start the new year without having to sort out unresolved problems of the past. He sleeps well that night.


8-10. If I were head writer of the Haruhi anime, I would make this one episode long. I read bits of the continued prologue and yes it talks about The Disappearance, but its set in mid-late January as a conversation with Koizumi. I will cover this later on.

EDIT: 3/Feb/2015
I cannot believe I haven't mentioned this, but stop reading from page 22 line 10! Line 11 onwards will be read later on! XD

Up next: Random Numbers.

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