Thursday, 22 February 2018

REVIEW: Pogo- Ascend

For starters, I try before I buy. I'm no collector, So I dont think Star Charts nor any album before this is worth a purchase (not talking about EP's or singles). I consider Kindred Shadow the first REAL album from Nick. That was flawless. I'm no fan of artists like Pogo/Nick re-using samples in later songs. Its like they arnt happy with the original. There are 3 songs which I deleted off of Weightless because I felt they just didn't belong. These were Trumpular (god- no, not Trump), Hoo ba ba Kanda (its just more annoying Americans), and Dream Reaper (sounded evil- and it uses samples from the previous album). I'm pleased with this new album. In actual fact I think its solid. Its dreamy, the flow of the songs fit nicely, and nothing sounds off, apart from Take Those Pills, which doesn't have a place on the album but feels like the eccentric kid in the middle.

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