Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hilarious spice and wolf hiatus update

This is all I have written down for Spice and wolf volume ten-

Novel 10-
The gang travel by boat to the island kingdom of Winfiel, where Lawrence follows written instructions given to him by Lud Kieman from Kerube to meet with certain salesman in order to gain access to an abbey which may hold the wolf bones Holo is after.

The kingdom is on the verge of financial ruin. This is evident by their failing nobility and their nearly worthless currency. To make matters worse the worlds most powerful economic alliance, the Ruvik Alliance, are taking interest in the abbey our gang want to visit in what may be the first signs of taking control of the kingdom.
This bloke from the Ruvik Alliance escorts them up to the Abbey which ends up a 3 day trip by horse.
During the day or so Holo and Lawrence just chill out. Their banter involves him burying his head in her chest apologetically because he failed to find information that day, and there was another one before that where he and Holo shared a bed with her lying on top of him.

The bloke cannot find specific details which is relevant for lawrence, but is interested in using him as a means of breaking down the power that the kingdom of Winfiel has over the all important abbey.
I am burnt out from this series to the point I hate it. Reading it became a chore. Im now reading the Howls Moving Castle series which i will not be reviewing, yet find to be so uplifting. Its nice to read for the enjoyment of reading again. :)

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