Wednesday, 14 May 2014

REVIEW- The Wind Rises

A Hayao Miyazaki film. Evangelion director Hideaki Anno is the voice of the protagonist Jirō Horikoshi.
This film centers on the engineer who designed the plane used in the kamikaze attacks during World War II. It was a terrible film. The story was drawn out wayyyyy too much and there wasnt even too much of a story to tell in the first place! It was kinda depressing but still very captivating, and it had the usual Grade A Ghibli visuals. I think the word 'Meh' justifies this film a lot.
I also think its a bit creepy that Ghibli were romanticizing the story of a guy of whom would surely be a war criminal IRL.
This is Hayao Miyazaki's last film and he is now retired (thank god). Working with Hideaki Anno in this film, Miyazaki gave Anno permission to be the director of a possible Nausicaa sequel should Anno ever wish to make one. 5-10

Also, Captain Hastings was in the film-
Captain Hastings


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