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The Publication Mess of Haruhi Suzumiya: Rainy Day


Rainy Day- a short story written by Nagaru Tanigawa included in Kadokawa's limited first pressing of both Surprise novels.

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Set in early September 2002.

On a day near the beginning of September, Kyon lays by his school's pool towards the end of his final swimming class of the year. Sasaki, who is also in his class, joins him and they talk about Kyon's lack of desire to study and their plans for the upcoming high school entrance exams.

Kunikida from one of the other classes in the pool joins them and inquires about how close the two of them have become.

Kunikida and Sasaki talk about their favourite style of music with is american western. Kunikida talks about the CD Sasaki lent him for use in the school broadcast during lunch hour.

They sit and watch the rest of the students in the pool until the end of class.

Later that day Sasaki and Kyon continue their discussion about schools when the hottest girl in class, who is also the class leader Okamoto comes over and tells them to fill out their career plan forms. Struck not only by her beauty, but also by how close her face is to his, Kyon reluctantly accepts the form. She leaves and Sasaki continues her discussion, now about the flow of time. Kyon stores away the image of her smiling face in his memory.

They leave the school and meet Kyon's sister as he picks up his bicycle from outside his house. Sasaki accepts a rice cracker and apologises for not being able to stay and play with her and Miyokichi, of whom is also over Kyons house.

As soon as Sasaki and Kyon leave on the bicycle it begins to rain. They pull under a shutter to hide from the downpour, but their clothes are already soaked. Sasaki becomes embarrassed due to her wet transparent shirt clearly showing her bra and asks Kyon to turn away. Kyon almost forgets that Sasaki is a girl and she isn't exactly flattered.

Due to the uncomfortable situation and the questions Sasaki asks, Kyon can only reply with her trademark phrase "Yare yare." This was the first time he had ever used the phrase himself.

6-10. This short chapter wasn't included in the English release of The Surprise, which is disappointing.

As of this articles publication date this short story also marks the end of the Haruhi series until Tanigawa writes more material.

Sasaki turns out to be the person who made Kyon say 'yare yare' a lot, which I find interesting. Other than that, there isn't much to say about this short story. Kyon obviously never had romantic feelings for the girl. He saw her more of a boy which frustrated her a bit.

I hope we will meet again one day and I want to thank you for reading these articles. In the mean time why not check out my Spice and Wolf reviews?

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Nagato: "This is the end?". Asahina: "It can't end here, can it!?". Haruhi: "See ya!".

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