Thursday, 13 September 2012

REVIEW: Music Folder Player for Android

I friggin love this Android music player. Unfortunately we are living in an age where music players are constantly trying to "sort" your music for you, just to make that little bit extra sure that you will never in your life find the track or album you want to listen too.

Fuck off 'Albums'
Fuck you 'Genres'
Fucking get out of my life 'Artists'
F off 'Composers' 

For the love of god "Playlists", I already had my music sorted before you came along.

Fuck that system.


Folders are named by the respective album that mp3s belong too. Mp3 files are named by the song name, and just to make sure that the files stay in its track-listing order, the file name/song name starts with a number.

It is easy and manageable. No fuss. if I want to listen to the GITS SAC OST, I just locate to-
Music>Japan>Ghost In The Shell>Stand Alone Complex> 001 Be Human.mp3

If I want to listen to my favourite Kids on the slope track, I just browse the folders-
Music>Japan>Kids on the Slope> 16 Lullaby Of Birdland.mp3

I just got my first smartphone so naturally i needed to find a bloody music player that gives a nice two fingers up at the industry standard. Up until now I was managing to get by using my old Creative Mp3 player, as thankfully I was able to browse my music in files and folders when i located to the 16 gig SD card. The only thing that I got pissed with was having to locate to songs from the get go after turning the system on.

Before then I was still the user of MD Walkmans.

Now im the user of Music Folder Player for Android. WOW not only do I find tracks in a piss easy fashion, but the songs start from where i left off (WOO HOO YES!!!).
But then there is something else. When listening via headphones, the music sounds SOOO MUCH BETTER then my old Creative. Its exactly like back in the day with MD crystal clear sound.

Im hearing so much more sound its unreal.

Im a very happy bunny right now.


  1. Yeah, most music players super sux!

    Have you ever tried this one:

    It's my fav music folder player. Maybe u like it too.


  2. Thanks man. Im checking it out now

  3. aghhh sorry to say this but it doesnt instantly start where it left off. It also doesnt show you the track you were last at (including at previous folders)

  4. it does have a way of turning the ads off though, which is a nice feature

  5. annnd ive bought the Music Folder Player app properly so no ads for me!

  6. One thing I also need to say: Music Folder Player also plays .m4a files (itunes files)